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Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

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Lots to see, lots to do; here's how to get around. At the top of the page is an image that is also a link back to this page. Below the image are direct links to every department:

[-NEWS-] Traveller News - is where I post site and game news that I find, like new product releases. It is a popular entry page for the site. The News area also has and Op Ed Page - that's where the latest guest or internal editorial articles are posted. Do you have something to say about Traveller? Feel free to offer it in the form of an editorial.

Then come the version specific areas:
[-CT-] Classic Traveller - is my favorite version so has the most content.
[-MT-] MegaTraveller - has more good stuff these days
[-TNE-] The New Era
[-T4-] Fourth Edition
[-GT-] GURPS Traveller
[-T5-] Traveller 5th Edition - has its own website now!
[-T20-] d20 Traveller - has nothing, but is looking for articles (hint, hint)

[-TECH-] Technology - is playthings for the rich and infamous. Several people have contributed to this effort, which is a good thing, since I'm not a major gearhead.

[-ART-] Traveller Artwork - has a collection of original artwork from Traveller, some previously published, some not. Also has a nice selection of Imperial Credit Notes!

[-HELP-] Let's Role! - when you're ready to play and want to know more click [-HELP-] at the top of any page. That is where you'll find background info on the game, how-to for Traveller chat, where-to for mailing lists, an active Traveller campaigns listing for around the world and a few more goodies for the newbie and those ready to get more involved in Traveller on the web.

So, now that you know about the basics of getting around my little Class C starport, I'll repeat my welcome and invite you to not only enjoy, but to get lost for awhile in the far future.

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