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The Active Traveller Campaign Census '02


Akus Moby PBEM yahoogroups mailing list Eris Reddoch
10 to 20 posts a week
The Akus Moby PBEM has been running for four years and is still going strong.


Are we getting *paid* for this? Medieval Starship in O'Fallon, IL Dan Moody
almost every wednesday
Join the adventures of Marine Force Commander Steve Piaskari as he and his team of stalwart companions make the galaxy safe for non-psionic people!

Mostly Canonical history, using MT task system with additions from TNE and CORPS. Ran very rules light. Set in the Spinward Marches, started in early 1110 at the end of the 5th Frontier War, now two and a half game years later.

Group started out as four people (Capt. Tallus Graves, Merchant Capt; Marine Capt. Steve, OCC; Naval Lt. Luigi Graffolini, Engineer; Naval MD Elanor Abbot, Doctor), added a fifth (Alarashi Shigguliganian,Steward), and a special 'guest star' 6th character (Master Chief Villem Satai, Marine Gunner), played by many people over the last two years.

Originally employed as an OCC team chartering a merchant ship, currently they are a group of agents working for Duke Norris. The team is embroilled in a mess of trouble involving frozen seafood, Zhodani spies, ancient artifacts, medeling Vargr, mind manipulations, and a mysterious grey ooze.

Paranoia Level: High

ClassicTravCore1 web John Strain
once a week
Started August 1, 2001 Running curent since with six players in three groups scattered around the core sectors of the Third Imperilum in the year 1054.

Entropic Worlds Rio Rancho, NM Eric T. Holmes
4 w/ two chars each
The focus of the campaign revolves around the world Entrope.

The Darrians and the Sworders have bones of contention dealing with "sovereignty" of Entrope. While war has not yet broken out, there is a lot of sabre rattling going on between the two small empires.

The player character group are all medical officers assigned to a converted 400dT courier. The courier houses a lab, surgical suite, workshops, sickbay and isolation ward. There are four doctor/surgeons and four medic-troopers.

Their mission is to respond to medical emergencies in Darrian space or nearby space where Darrians may be marooned.

Attempts to get a background campaign run by two external "players" did not get off the ground and the PC group has taken a hiatus to get involved in a different game system campaign. We forsee restarting in about six months (June 2002).

There is a Yahoo Group associated with the campaign at:

There are these additional e-mail addresses:

I will also use Yahoo Messenger with prior arrangments.

Play usually occurs at the referee's personal home.

Gunnison's Tower Melbourne, Florida Lew Beckerdite LLINVERO@AOL.COM
1-2 times a month
Set in the Spinward Marches, using 'Classic' Traveller (is there any other kind of Traveller!). Player's are out to rescue the daughter of a local noble from Gunnison's Tower. The tower is in fact some sort of abandoned military post, of great power, left over from the Fourth Frontier War. The tower is the stuff of legend,,,,,,,and has a fearsome reputation for evil and death. Just what our players need before breakfast,,,,,,,,,,a good looking babe to rescure and some serious evil to overcome!

Hard Times in the Julian Protectorate Victoria BC Wayne Ewart
once per month
Just started (Jan 2002) this campaign. CT/MT rules with some home brewed rules for fun. Running curent with five players around the Julian Protectorate in the year 1154. No Virus, Rebellion all but over with the Imperium broken into 9 smaller empires. This campaing has the PC trying to Build the 4th Imperium (Starting in the Protectorate)

Hell froze over nada right now William Barnett-Lewis
If I can find some in Madison WI it might just be somewhat interesiting...

Hinterworlds Warlord Dallas, Tx Michael A Cessna
Highly non-canonical game set in the Hinterworlds Sector, using materials from MT(GDW/DGP), GT:RoF. To date, players have caused the collapse of the ATC, allied themselves with an Aslan-Human ihatei, and founded a 'Star League'(not my fault-I SWEAR!!) administered by Newts. Players are currently arguing over whether to go look for the Ringworld, or stage a bio-war attack on the K'kree(well, we ARE outside the Imperium).

LURG Game, The Latrobe University Role-Playing Group. Melbourne, Australia. Phill Webb pwebb @
Weekly. on hold for summer break
Using my Fudge Traveller rules. Started running the classic adventure Broadsword then skipped ahead to the end of the 5th Frontier war with a group from the Merc company on their way to Tarsus. Currently part way through Death Station. Future plans include flashbacks to the merc groups activities during the war.

Lone Gunmen Dallas, internet Rob Eaglestone downport @ attbi . com
This game began in 1116. It is now 1122, well into the Hard Times. We use CT rules with percentile dice. The group leads a mercenary team through some of the more war-torn areas of the Imperium.

The meta-campaign that this current campaign belongs to has been ongoing since 1996. The three previous campaigns in this thread have taken place around 1080 and 1100.

The character data is located here:

One member joins us from Louisiana via Netmeeting or just speakerphone.

MTU home or campaign headquarters alan spik
The PC's are presently chartered to shepard a group of recently graduated nobles children around Glisten subsector. They wish to become ECM's as soon as possible.

Misha Campaign Durham, NC, USA Martyn Wheeler
weekly or bi-weekly
This campaign universe has run a consistent timeline since 1982. The current campaigns (Misha, and Mora which preceded it without a break) have been playing regularly for several years. The logs, and the universe, are on I use modifed T4 rules.

The universe diverges from canon at the Fifth Frontier War -- it was averted as an indirect result of a campaign I ran in 1983-84. It is currently 1121, and Strephon rules an unshattered Imperium. Aside from that, and one other secret exception, I try to maintain as close to canon as possible. The campaigns are based in the Spinward Marches, with extensive action in Foreven sector.

The action now centers around the crew of a very strange starship of unknown origin they found in a secret cache. The trail which lead there was full of conspiracies and covert organizations, and they are engaged in investigating some of the leads as well as trying to find out more about the ship and its builders. It is generally non-military in style, focussing on character interaction.

The campaign is open to new players. Email me if interested.


Morell Tableaux IRC Brian A. Howard
We usually meet on the Empire, Atlantic server. The game uses GURPS:Traveller rules and is set in the Spinward Marches c. 1120

Odysseus LSA E. de la Garza
every Friday
Two female, detached scouts, having received an Advanced Scout Ship (400tD), have accepted a mission to retrieve a Grrhka, a sea mammal, from Giuun/Corridor--a water world-- and to bring it to Shiika/Corridor for their patron and his prestige.

Reavers' Deep PBEM yahoogroups mailing list Eris Reddoch
10 to 20 posts a week
The Reavers' Deep PBEM follows the adventures of a group of free traders along the borders of the shattered Imperium during the height of The Rebellion and the "Hard Times" it generated.


Regina Subsector Special Police (RSSP) San Jose, California Glenn M. Goffin
every few months
Megatraveller rules. Official Traveller universe, more or less. Regina, early 1111. Players have recently mustered out of service and been recruited into the Regina Subsector Special Police (RSSP), a unit of the ducal government that provides support to local law enforcement regarding interstellar organized crime. RSSP's jurisdiction is the Duchy of Regina, i.e., Imperial star systems in Regina and Jewell subsectors. RSSP primarily provides intelligence and some high-tech support to local law enforcement agencies. Running since about November 2000.

Ringgold Watts Ringgold, GA John Watts
Once per week
Starting soon ( Jan 28, 2002 ), a campaign within an timeline thats been going strong since 1986. This will be within the same timeline, but largely unrelated adventurer game set in Daibei/Magyar.

Starry Rift, The ISU Memorial Union Victor Raymond
once a week
Non-canonical campaign, more akin to Poul Anderson's Polesotechnic League/Nick van Rijn in "feel" than his later Terran Empire. Recent adventures have included: the discovery of a religious sect's STL generation ship; aiding a popular rebellion against a corrupt planetary government; dealing with the shadowy arm of Naval Intelligence of a Pocket Empire. General tech level is 10-11, edging on 12 (CT scale). Working on adding a PBeM component to complicate things.

The aRCES Leicester Peter Scarrott
Monthly (see below)
Unfortunately on indefinite hold at the moment as we play other games.

Traveller Adventure, The My House. Melbourne, Australia. Phill Webb pwebb @
Running the classic adventure using my Fudge Traveller rules and prepared to deviate from the script because of players actions.

Working Passage PBeM Ron Brown
Up to 6 (including referee)
Active (open)
This campaign originated in 1980 and our referee had only books 1, 2, and 3. As we gained experience our campaign broadened, until our original referee bought some additional books, including the Imperial Atlas, and worked in the OTU.

We began with a Free Trader and 3 players whose characters worked the mains for fun and profit. As players came and went the flavor of our campaign changed, evolving with each new addition.

The campaign is being resurrected. Please visit Working Passage on Safari for more information and feel free to e-mail me with questions/comments.

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