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(All images below copyright the artist or Colin Michael)

Selection of Liebman Art

These scans are here for your reference and enjoyment. I did them quickly, so several are cropped and all are made compact, which affects quality. These are pen & ink drawings from the Paranoia Press archives. All were purchased by PP with the intent of placing them in publications, but were never actually published. Enjoy.

Aranea - Arachnid Class D.S. Transport (AR-95)

Avian Class - (A2) Pancaked in the jungle (see colorization experiment)

Buunslang - Serpent Class Scout No. 3775

Cobra - Serpent Class Scout No. 3724

Maintenance - Hull number 3774 with drive being replaced

Nailu Rope - Aliens & Artifacts image

Python II - Serpent Class Scout No. 3765

Serpent Bridge Cutaway - nose section detail

Sidewinder - Serpent Class Scout No. 3722 (post mortem)

Spider - E.V.A. Combat Suit

Take Off - Early design of Serpent

Urutu - Serpent Class Scout No. 3708 (color)

Some Weapons from T:TNE

A Snubby Auto Pistol

Light Assault Gun - the weapon for all occassions

Laser Carbine - short and sweet

Sub-Machine Gun - a mercenary girl's best friend

Imperial Credits

One Credit Note

Ten Credit Note

Fifty Credit Note

One Hundred Credit Note

Five Hundred Credit Note

One Thousand Credit Note

Ten Thousand Credit Note

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