Darryl Adams

I was born in Sydney Australia, went to both a government and catholic school. Attempted to go to Collage (as it was at that time) to become an accountant while working full time. Gave it up as a bad joke.

I have worked mainly in computer operations, but have worked in hospitals (from everything as a cleaner to morgue assistant and wardsman) and bars.

I am a avid gamer of many systems, mainly RPG but dabble in miniatures. My favourite games are Traveller, GURPS, Ars Magica, Mage: The Ascension and miniature games from GZG (GW for people with brains).

Ola Agren


Skills: Computer 6, Languages (English) 4, Languages (German) 2, Instructor 2, Sports (table tennis) 2, Jack-o-T 2

I've been playing RPGs since 1983 (it might have been 82) after a terrible experience with Runequest and then bought one of the first Traveller books in Sweden (third copy, that is). I've been a GM ever since in games including Traveller (all kinds except TNE— that isn't Traveller IMHO) and at least 27 other systems. I do own a few others but I cannot say that I've played them.

I am 28 (29 in August). I got myself a BS in Computer Science back in -89 and started working as a programmer/systems engineer at the place where I made my thesis at. Made my military service year while working part time for the same company since I had a posting that gave me a week off every once in a while (almost half of the time, actually).

In late -90 I moved from Umeå in the north of Sweden to Västerås in the middle of Sweden (it is actually in the southern third of Sweden) and started to work for a big company as a programmer/systems engineer.

In fall -94 I needed a break and got myself a temporary leave of absence from work to study some more back in Umeå. I'm getting myself a MS in Engineering and Computing Science starting from scratch. I have studied at an increased pace so that I will finish in three and a half or four years instead of four and a half+ years while working part time as tutor/instructor at the department of computing science. I still have to go down to Västerås in the summer holidays and work though...

Carlos Alos-Ferrer

I am a graduated mathematician, and a Ph.D. in Economics. The degree is "licenciatura", and, judging by the number of years, should be translated to the U.S. system as "M.S. in Mathematics, Major: Algebra, Minor: Numerical Calculus". I worked in Applied Statistics for a year, and then moved to a Faculty of Economics as Assistant Math Professor. I've made postgraduate studies in Theoretical Economics, both in Spain and in Germany, and completed my Ph.D. in Economics In 1998. Then I moved to the Faculty of Economics of the University of Vienna, where I work right now.

I started playing CT when it was translated into Spanish, moved into MT as soon as I could obtain it (in English), largely ignored TNE, looked at T4 from a distance, and finally settled for my own take on the rules and my own homebrew universe.


Jason Anderson

I'm 21, having just finished my degree at uni (Bachelor of Computing) and managing to get my first job a month and a half later (anyone who knows anything about Australian employment etc at the moment should be impressed!) I work for the Australian Antarctic Division, involved in computer support. The area where I work is mainly concerned with satellite images of Antarctica, which can be fairly interesting at times.

I was first introduced to Traveller about two years ago, when I borrowed a whole lot of role playing gear off a guy I knew to look at. He had the MT system, and while it seemed really interesting, I didn't have anyone who was interested in playing, so I pretty much forgot about it. Later on I saw TNE in the local RPG shop, and bought it (mainly because I wanted to see how the civil war had panned out), but again didn't do anything with it. Finally at the start of this year I heard about T4, and curious about it I bought the special IG had (where you get books 1-4 + JTAS#25 at a reduced price). I managed to convince several of my friends that this was a cool system to play, and now run a small group every Sunday night. So, I now GM Traveller without ever having played a game myself...

Mark Ayers

A "Traveller" since the little black box.

Graduate of SUNY at Albany in political science and now a computer systems engineer after a detour in the U.S. Army (jumping from planes and sloggin' through the mud in foreign lands).

Plays around at developing small useless programs, web pages and such.

Seattle, Washington, USA.

Michael Bailey

On leaving High School in 1986, I started my working life as a Trainee Computer Operator with the local state bank. Whilst working for Bankwest I moved firstly into Operations Analysis, then PC Support, and finally SAS programming. Burnt out, left, and went back to good old mainframe ops with the Western Australian Police Service. In January 1996, I commenced training as an Air Traffic Controller, and found it to be the most difficult thing I have ever done. Fifteen months later, at the final hurdle, I slipped - and realised that I was probably a little too erratic for the job.

I'm now working as a Flight Data Officer for the company (AirServices Australia), helping to train the controllers. Great job, good people.

In my time, I've dabbled with Communism, Anarchism, Trade Unionism and Libertarian philosophy. Now, I don't care who runs the country, as long as they leave me the hell alone *g*

Started playing Trav in 1985, and although I don't get the chance to play much anymore, try to keep up the interest through this list. Also do some fantasy RP, using a heavily modified version of Rolemaster in Tolkein's Middle Earth.

Other interests include football (aussie rules, GO THE DOCKERS!!!), soccer (COME ON CHELSEA!!!), Guinness (like angels crying on yer tongue) and pointless stupidity.

Kenneth Bearden

I graduated with honors from the University of Houston with a BBA in Marketing. From there, I negotiated contracts with hospitals in the nation's largest medical center here in Houston for a medical sales company. Since, I have started my own resume writing company, and I have been in business for a year and a half now.

Aside from that, one of my biggest interests (besides role playing) is in filmmaking. I've done a short film in school and a couple of videos. I've had one of my videos shown on the local PBS station, and I recently finished a business video for Famous Amos cookies. My current project is a music sales video for a local country band. I'm busy writing a script that I intend to film on a very low budget, and my dream is to become a writer/director.

Per Bernhardsson

I'm still in college, more exactly I'm at the end of my third year working on a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science (lot of science in that degree! :-) ). I'm specializing in algorithmics and software development. After I'm finished with this degree I might try and go for a PhD, but I haven't really decided yet. Not much more to tell...

Craig Berry

My BS is in Applied Chemistry, from Harvey Mudd College (a tiny engineering and science school in Claremont, California). At least one other person on the list went there, so they seem to be doing something right, :-) Most of the way through my chem degree program, though, I discovered that my real love was for programming, not chemistry — but it was far too late to hop majors. So I stuck out the chem program, as part of which I did my senior research project on wiring up all the lab instruments to an old LSI-11 that they had gathering dust in a back room. Suddenly, they could do data plots without sharpening a pencil. :-)

After college, I hired on at General Dynamics — this was 1985, the Cold War was going full-force, and anybody with something vaguely like an engineering degree could get a good job with a defense contractor. At GD, I did a bunch of cool things, like writing a process-control program for the plant's HVAC system, and an expert system to diagnose problems in the Phalanx close-in ship defense system.

Later, I moved to Rockwell, where I got heavily involved in various things too secret to talk about, but involving acoustics and undersea warfare. *That* was the most fun I've ever had while getting paid for it. :-)

A few years back, I moved to my current job with a civilian software company — the bottom having fallen out of the killin-godless-Commies market. These days I write server components in a system that monitors and automatically troubleshoots large distributed computer networks. It's intriguing work, but I do miss playing _Red October_ games...

All this time, my chem degree has gone entirely unused, save for pronouncing cleaning-fluid ingredient names...and answering TML questions. Guess there *is* a purpose to everything!

Douglas Berry

I've been playing Traveller since Craig (see above) first brought it home back in 1977. Since then, I've spent a great deal of time and effort becoming what I am today: a total geek.

When not designing ships using FF&S2, I'm a rabid fan of the San Francisco 49ers, read hard science-fiction and military history, play Nethack and enjoy that smug sense of superiority that comes from living in Baghdad-by-the-Bay.

I served in the US Army as a light weapons infantryman/sniper, leaving after a dispute about human sexuality. Today, I drive for a door-to-door airport service, which is the best job I've ever had. Never went to college, formal education and I just don't get along that well.

In 1995 I was diagnosed with Stage IV-B Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and given a 50% of living out the year. Refusing to die that close to 2000, I endured chemotherapy along with several surgeries, and remain in remission today.

Recently I have begun writing for Traveller, doing work for Imperium Games, Troll Magazine, BITS, and Steve Jackson Games.

Rupert Boleyn

I've half a B.Sc. major: Genetics, minor: Physics (gave up on it in 1990) and half a B.A. in Classics and History (mainly medieval, which I'm still working at, off and on).

The rest of my working life has been spent in various menial jobs, and being unemployed. I also spent six years in the New Zealand Army's Territorial Forces (Weekend Warriors), four as a Grunt, and two in Military Intelligence. For those of you who consider the latter an oxymoron, here's an alternative definition (given to me by an Int. School instructor):

"Military Intelligence... is a highly refined organisation of overwhelming generalities based on vague assumptions and debatable figures drawn from undisclosed activities pursued by persons of diverse motivation, doubtful reliability, and questionable mentality in the midst of unimaginable confusion."

My hobbies are RPG's (of course) mainly TNE and C&S III, and not T4 (I don't like the rules, but the background seems ok, barring fusion+), and reading lots of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I've been doing the reading for about 18 years now, and Roleplaying for 13. My first Sci-fi RPG was Space Opera, and I didn't have any Traveller stuff until about 1990.

Russell Bornschlegel

595A86, 0.5 terms College, 2.5 terms Computer Programmer

Age 30

Computer Operations-2, Computer Programming-2, Trivia (Science, mostly)-2, Vehicle (Ground Car)-1, Game Theory-1

I develop entertainment software you haven't heard of (yet) for a very small company you haven't heard of (yet), where I am employee number 2 of 6.

Unlike a lot of TMLies, while I've studied guns quite a bit over the years, mostly for gaming purposes, I've never actually fired a chemically-propelled bullet. One of my housemates wants to rectify this.

Gaming since 1980 (D&D first, then a plethora), got LBBs as a hand-me-down from a friend and spent hours in the hobby shop trying to pick the next one I was going to spend my few dollars on.

My interest in Traveller runs in cycles; I spent a lot of time in middle school designing ships in High Guard. Bought MegaTraveller but never actually played it. I've been fiddling with settings and rule systems and plotlines; my recent work is up at:


My current goal is to get my girlfriend into Traveller (she used to play D&D way back when, so there's hope) so that RPGing will be an "approved hobby" that we can participate in together.

Mark Bradley


Skills: Engineering 3, Chemistry 2, Bureaucracy 2, Beer Making 2, Theology 2, Admin 1, Computer 1, Horticulture 1, Med 0, Psychology 0, Procrastination 3, Able-to-recall-any-song-lyric-but-cannot-remember-what-I-was-supposed-to-get-at-the-store 6

I've been playing RPGs since about 1978, starting (of course) with D&D and AD&D, and then progressing to CT and C&S. For a brief time, I got involved in a very detailed PBM war game called Sarakond (circa 500 BC to 300 AD). I played just long enough to learn the rules and get my country, economy and military straightened out when the game folded - much work, very frustrating. Currently, our group has transitioned a CT campaign to T4, and the new space combat system really pissed everybody off. Same gaming group since 1984, BTW.

I'm 33, married to a very understanding wife, and have 2 small children. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis and am a Licensed Civil Engineer. I work for the good people of the State of California dealing with water quality and water rights. I'll do my best to help with any hydraulics, hydrology, or water chemistry questions that come up.

Other interests include my pursuit of God as a Christian, a pretty good size garden, some cool fish, and making my own beer. Not too many beer questions that come up on the TML.

Peter H. Brenton

30 years old, University Administrator at MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center (If I can't really *do* science at least I can support it). Been administering University research money since 1990, mostly in Chicago, now in Boston (my home area). Followed my then girlfriend to Chicago after we got our BA's in Psychology together, and married same in '91.

Traveller is a passion even when I had no one to play with (all the 6 years in Chicago). AD&D was a reasonably lame substitute for awhile. Better were the "wargames" (especially Eurorails et al) and Bridge (yes, the non-collectable card game).

I have an ancestor who commanded the U.S.S. Constitution to the shores of Tripoli and that is another of my passions, vented by voraciously reading C.S. Forrester and Patrick O'Brien. I have already consumed all of Heinlien (a feat I am proud of - its been 5 years since I found anything of his I haven't read) and likewise Roger Zelazny. I also enjoy camping, hiking, fishing on Casco Bay in Maine, skiing, and playing computer games. Now you know just about all there is...Oh wait! my VCR has captured just about every new Star Trek episode to come down the pike - I'm not a fanatic, just enjoy the shows.

In college we had a game that lasted years, we'd game in classrooms until the wee hours on weeknights. Now its usually until 11:00pm only, and the alcoholic (and other) consumption is not nearly so impressive (which is fine). I think I've cracked the rules once an evening. I'd much rather role play than rule play.

James W Brewer

687BA7 Age:43

Skills: Biology 3, History 3, Chem 1, Computer 1, JOT 1, Wheeled Vech 1, Rifle 1, Pistol 1, Animal Handling 1, stealth 1, survival 1, Theology 1

I served one active enlistment in the USArmy, very luckily missing Vietnam (half my training battery went), and a fair time in the Reserves. In College I studied Biology until kidnapped into History (my gpa was higher and all my electives were in History). I was played around with the SCA, also. While history is what I really love, Lab tech jobs are much easier to get, so for the last 17 years I've worked as a tech for the University of Calif. My best friend is my wife of 4 years (I knew her for 7 years before that, and kick my self for not realizing what a wonderful woman she is.). She is a contract college history Instructor (Even with a PHd from the University of Calif. things are hard. I started board gaming with Avalon Hill's Africa Korps in 1969. I've kept up board gaming with ASL my favorite. In college I started AD&D (I didn't know better) and CoC. In 1978 I Discovered Classic Traveller, and have been with Traveller in all its variations ever since. I've played Morrow project since the 1st edition. In the last couple of years I have been playing White Wolf's Vampire and Mage since its easy to get up groups if you are willing to GM. By the way I'm a devout Lutheran, which gives you a different view than the average role player.

Andrew Boulton

In the Real World, I'm 27, with a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science and about 6 years experience working for Vickers Defense Systems. Even though I took medical retirement last year, I still don't seem to have enough time to read all my email...

I've been wargaming since '80, roleplaying since '81, and Travellering (mostly reffing) since '82 (although it's over 6 months since I did any gaming).

Michael Cessna

766886 34 3 terms
JOT-2, Admin-2, Driving(Wh veh, TL7)-2, Cbt Rfl-2, Tactics-1, Strategy-1, Mil Sci-2, Mil Hist-4, Gen'l Hist(Terra, pre-2000ce)-3, Comp Op(TL7)-1, Wargaming-1, RPG(comb Hist, Theory, Practice)-4

Equipment Qual'd on(all TL's are for GURPS):
Vehicles: TL7 Wh vehicles (auto/std), all classes below 20klbs; TL7 forkilfts (auto/std), commercial and rough-terrain
Computer: Basic Windows platforms(98-), some DOS; simple data entry/retrieval
Games: Tactics 2, Panzer Leader; Traveller(all var), D&D, Starguard, Battletech, T2K/Merc2K, AfterWars, Star Wars, High Colonies, Timelords, etc.
Firearms: TL7: Pistol, Revolver, Bayonet, Auto-Rifle, Battle Rifle, Rifle, Shotgun, Auto-Shotgun, LMG, HMG, GL(M); TL5-6: Pistol, Revolver, Battle-Rifle, HMG, Shotgun; TL4: Musket (percussion), Rifle, Revolver; TL-3: Sword/Rapier, Knife, Sm/Lrg Polearms

After being discharged from the USMC, I ended up in Dallas, Tx, and have been here ever since; compared to other places I've lived, this is pretty OK town.

As of this writing, I've been on the TML for about a year; I guess I've been playing RPG's for...longer than I care to think about, Trav(in all versions) since about 1982. I've written a module(which, admittedly, needs a serious rewrite/update) for The Morrow Project RPG, which can be viewed at http://www.thesupplybunker.net/adv/semperfidelis.pdf. I also write short fiction on occasion, and may even put some of it on a website, eventually.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling, now. If you'd like to give me a holler, email me at michaelacessna at yahoo dot com.

"Long Live Strephon!"

Mark Clark

My undergraduate background is a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and a BA in History from Rice University in Houston, Texas in 1984. I got interested in the History of Technology while at Rice, and went on to do my MA at the University of Houston (including two years at the NASA history office at Johnson Space Center) and my PhD at the University of Delaware in that subject. After finishing my degree work in 1992, I had a variety of short term positions, including a stint last year teaching at Iowa State University. Since last September, I've been in a tenure track position at Oregon Institute of Technology, teaching history and developing a new minor program in Technology, Society, and Values. I'm currently in Denmark on a six-month Fulbright Fellowship, teaching and doing research at the University of Aarhus.

My specialty is in the modern period (roughly 1800 to the present) of industrial development, with particular interests in the history of the engineering profession, the interaction between technology and popular culture, and comparative industrialization (differences between the American, European, and Asian experience). My doctoral dissertation was a history of the magnetic recording industry, and most of my publications to date have been in that field. I have a book coming out later this year that's a history of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, a professional group I did contract work for, and I am currently editing a collection of papers for the IEEE Press on the history of Magnetic Recording that will be coming out next year for the 100th anniversary of the first working magnetic recorder (Valdemar Poulsen, Denmark, 1898).

I've been roleplaying since 1975 - D&D of course - and got into it through wargames. I discovered Traveller in 1979, and have been an avid collector ever since - I own way too much Traveller stuff. I gave up board games in the late 1980s and sold off my collection (300+ games), but I still roleplay actively. I like a variety of other SF games, like 2300AD, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020, and Macho Women with Guns, but my

favorite of all time is Space 1889, with Traveller and Call of Cthulhu close behind.

Oh, and I just turned 36 this weekend, married for 5 years (no kids yet) to my best friend Anne, the geologist in my life. In addition of RPGs, I also like to restore cars - I have a 1963 Triumph TR-4 sportscar at the moment - and read history, esp. about 19th C. colonialism. I used to read lots of science fiction, but I find so much of it so poorly written (in terms of literary style) these days I tend to stick more to classic literature for fun reading. I also like to brew and drink beer - my one great vice.

Timothy Collinson

Globe trotter since being dragged out to Singapore soon after birth some 34 years back. Traveller since 1980 and the classic Deluxe Traveller. Have enthused about the game ever since and collected Traveller books and games from all the eras.

Aside from enjoying my first love: world building; I've tried my hand at Commodore 64 software for Traveller; participated (with dismal results) in ISBA ship design contests; and quickly get overwhelmed in the Traveller Language mailing list.

More successfully I've had The Traveller Bibliography published by BITS which contains detailed information on *everything* ever published for Traveller (now in it's second edition); am awaiting publication of a second volume of bibliography covering magazine articles from the five main Traveller periodicals; have contributed to and helped edit 101 Religions; and am contemplating a final volume of bibliography that would cover *all* the remaining Traveller magazine articles from whatever source— this could take a while.

My wife doesn't understand the game at all, but maybe one day...

I have a four year old daughter and a two year old daughter who are, of course, the best girls in the world, but do rather preclude very much gaming time.

Pierre-Louis Constantin

I've got a comp.sci. degree (nothing fascinating here) and I'm soon to get my Master's degree - thesis is on neural networks, so I'm reasonably knowledgeable on that, genetic algorithms, AI general...

I also worked on the ADATS/LLADS system here in Canada (it's basically a troop transport with 8 laser-guided missiles on top to shoot at airplanes and other tanks - fun stuff :-)

Hm, I also have a minor partnership in a game store here in Quebec... That pretty much covers it all as far as Traveller goes.

Jeff Cornish

Jeffrey Cornish 588BA6 TechSupport-2 (formerly enslaved by Radio Shack)
Skills: Ground Car-2, Computer-2, Jack-of-all-Trades-2, History-2, Science (all of 'em)-1, Artist-2, Writer-2
Equipment: Ground Car, Computer, Convention Badge Armor.

RPGs played: Paranoia, Tales of the Nameless Bar, AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, MT, T4, Albedo (my favorite)

Hobbies: Computer Tech Support (I have stories that would set your hair on end...), RPG's, writing, drawing, procrastinating (oh, yeah, skill: Procrastination-4, Absentmindedness-...er, um, I forget, like 5 or 8 or something like that...) Anthopomorphics...

Other notes: Love science, astronomy, history, etc. Have subscriptions to Science, Science News, Byte and others, so I like to think I know the latest.

Ryan Christensen

I'm a 21 year old bartender/student in Kansas. Played around with a lot of physics in high school (quantum mechanics was so cool!) and have studied computer science, history, literature, and organic chemistry in college. I've also done some independent study in economics, sociology, psychology, barcraft, and Japanese (though I'm not particularly fluent in it). I'm leaving in less than a month for boot camp (going to be an intel linguist for the Marine Corps), and haven't been able to find a local gaming group to play in.

Got started on TNE, and loved the reclaim-the-lost-empire/explore-the-galaxy sort of atmosphere there. I'm glad they brought back the trade and intrigue angles more heavily in T4, but I think I like the task system for TNE better than T4 (but the D66 system is better than both).

Joseph R. Dietrich

UPP 797795 Age 32 3 Terms (1 Student, 1 Factory Worker, 1 Graphic Artist)

Skills: Astronomy 1, Bicycling 2, Computer 1, Graphic Artist 2, History 1,Mechanic 1, Observation 1, Psychology 2, Small Arms (Pistol) 1.

Turn ons: Who needs them?

Turn offs: Sport Utility Vehicles. Rolemaster. Getting hit by automobiles (It's happened. Twice.).

Personality profile: Mean as a snake.

What I would be if I lived in the 3rd Imperium: Scout all the way, baby!

Currently I am an underpaid graphic artist specializing in page layout and pre-press production. I hope soon to be an overpaid graphic artist specializing in page layout and pre-press production.

I began reading and wanting to play Traveller in 1982, but since I lived in a very small town (tm) it was difficult for me to get wide exposure to the game. It wasn't until MegaTraveller that I was finally able to see the Imperium in all its glory (accentuated by its heartbreaking destruction in civil war) and this explains my slavish loyalty to that setting. However, virtually all of my MT games are space opera romps because of my utter inability to write plots for serious sf adventures.

A few months ago I was mistakenly referred to as a TML "Great Old One" -- I've only been on the list 3 years as of 10/99 -- but I guard this title jealously and will bite anyone that tries to take it away from me.

Stuart L. Dollar

Personal Highlights:
Graduate, Arizona State University (B.A. Business Management, 1990)
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona

I currently work as a Registered Representative (i.e. stockbroker) for a discount firm here in Phoenix, which I've been doing for two years. Previously, I have done everything from retail management, to secretarial work, to selling golf tours, and much stuff in between.

Experience with Traveller:
Began with Classic Traveller in 1978, before GDW began developing setting material for the game (I played Traveller before there was a 3rd Imperium).

Played CT, but switched to MT shortly after it came out. I own TNE and T4, as well as some Gurps, but remain an MT devotee, although I steal setting ideas from all versions. I mainly stick with MT because I know the system, I've done design work for years, and I see no point in converting to a new system when I can adapt and write extensions to the old one.


Co-Author and Author of a large portion of setting material for Traveller 4th Edition, including:

Milieu 0 (Organizations, and Corporations sections)
Pocket Empires (worked on the Economic and Combat systems
with Joe Walsh and Andy Lilly respectively)
Additional Material for Milieu 0 Campaign, the bound edition of
Milieu 0 and First Survey
Psionic Institutes
Imperial Squadrons (with Joe Walsh and Tim Brown, adapted Fifth
Frontier War system for use with T4).
Aliens Volume I: Aslan, Vargr, Graytch (unpublished)

Vilani Hypothesis (unpublished, but I'm thinking about trying to get Marc Miller's permission to publish).

Currently Doing:

I currently run a pair of Traveller games:

For IRC:
Uplift, a campaign of linked scenarios about the Solomani ascent to the stars set in the 21st century.

Face to Face:
Zero Sum, a Milieu 0 Campaign set in Zarushagar sector.

Jory Earl

Birthdate : 12/31/1963

Birthplace : Portland, Oregon

Grew up in Vancouver, Washington. attended Fort Vancouver Highschool but no higher education. Was introduced to role playing games via Gamma World, that a friend sold to me in 1976.

I played this until introduced to Classic Traveller thru a friend named Steve Ratts in 1980. I've worked assorted high tech production jobs and as a hobby build computers. I know BASIC and some Pascal programming. I am a student of General Semantics and Quantum Physics.

As of 05/01/1998 I moved to Manchester, New Hampshire for job reasons. I plan to move back to Vancouver, Wa when circumstances permit.

I am an avid gamer and have played the following : Gamma World, Traveller, D&D, AD&D, Boothill, Star Frontiers, Arduin, Fantasy Trip, Star Trek, Top Secret, Space Opera and various others.

Roderick Darroch Elliott

DEC (junior college) in Social Science, BA Anthropology at McGill, am almost done (4 more exams, 2 papers) a dual BCL/LLB program at McGill Law. I've specialized mostly in corporate/commercial and Québec civil law.

High point on my resumé is two years spent as head research assistant on the Review of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (a corporate-law reform project); I spent last summer and last Xmas over there working on it. This September I start bar school and a new job at McMaster Meighen, Canada's oldest law firm smug, newly hired grin.

Other interests include astronomy, sailing, SF, fencing, and lovebirds. I watch very little TV, and am a diehard Mac fan.

I've been living with the same significant other for the past 9 years, have two birds, three cats, and have just moved into our first house and am looking forwards to summer Sunday afternoons throwing some steaks on the BBQ after mowing the lawn.

Scott Ellsworth

I have a degree in physics, with concentrations in computational methods and economics from Harvey Mudd College. After that, I went to Claremont Graduate School for a math degree, which was focused on PDEs, numerical analysis, and mathematical modeling. I paid for the above by writing a Macintosh Finite Element analysis program on mac/vax for one of the professors.

I spent a year after that doing image processing, OCR, and chaos analysis for a few people, and then went to Berkeley for an operations research/industrial engineering degree.

Since them, I have done some contract work on digital mapping, and for the last four years have been writing Windows (gack) and Mac (hee hee) software in C++ for an econometric and forecasting software company in Irvine.

I have some exposure to the martial arts, but was never terribly good at it, and am slowly starting to become a decent guitarist. Oh, I and two friends wrote a novel based on our RuneQuest game. Like every one of those I have heard of, it is better off forgotten, or at least not read. Was fun, though.

David Elrick

I was born in Skye in the west of Scotland in 1962 - and to anyone who asks I'm 25 years old (except the mornings after I've been drinking with my father, when I'm slightly in excess of three million years old). ;-)

I began wargaming at school in 1975 and roleplaying in 1976 when I discovered a brown boxed set of D&D in amongst the wargames rules at my local hobby shop. I picked up one of the first copies of Traveller into the UK in 1978 (I know because I watched them unpack the box).

I joined the Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy) in 1978 - well, I actually only went into the recruiting centre to shelter from the rain - and served nine years as a weapons electrical mechanician working on Lynx helicopters.

Between 1979 and 1986, I also ran Traveller tournaments and events for Games Workshop, in the days when they were worth working for. In addition, I helped out on a couple of issues of White Dwarf and some proofreading of the Traveller stuff printed by GW.

I'm not ashamed (these pills are wonderful!) to say that I was a member of the ill-fated GDW International Demo Team in the early nineties, for which I got an odd-coloured polo shirt which now lines the cat basket. Fortunately I didn't get roped into demonstrating Mythos.

These days I am a technical author for a human resources software house. In my spare time (ha!), I write freelance stuff for the hobby - including some material for Mileu 0, although IG cut all my work about the Vargr and Cleon's emancipation of the Vargr slaves (it made for good background and adventure stuff, but it was a bit contentious - maybe it'll see print in the alien book, but I'm not holding my breath). I am also the SF editor for Valkyrie magazine (a UK Independent RPG mag). In addition to all of that, I am writing a book about the British invasion of Tibet in 1903/04 (British colonial history being a fascination of mine). Finally, I'm trying hard to re-learn my Mother's language, Gaelic, having forgotten all I ever knew as a child.

Leonard Erickson (aka Shadow)

Well, I don't have a degree. I ran out of money before I could finish my AA in Computer Programming/Computer Operations. I've got around 25 years programming experience ranging from FORTRAN and RPG II, to Pascal and several assemblers.

I've been a voracious reader of science and science fiction. I was correcting the teachers as far back as 6th grade. :-)

I also have some metal and woodworking experience (very outdated) and remember enough electronics to get myself in trouble. I've worked for a company that produced silicon wafers and picked up a lot of different things there. I also used to fly model rockets, and I've been involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism on and off for about 25 years (so I do have some idea what low tech societies can do, as well as *how*).

Oh yeah, I used to be an amateur chemist. I collected info on how to make things that go "boom".

Clive Essery

Old enough to remember collecting some of the first CT manuals (eg: High Guard, Trillion Credit Squadron, Fighting Ships) the day that they came out in England. Mad keen ship designer, but have become more unhappy with each new set of rules, Striker didn't work on some real life vehicles and a lot of Grav Tanks. Megatraveller was a step backwards but did add some interesting new features. I missed T3New Era, but have bought T4/FF&Sv4.1/Naval Architect/Starships/GURPS Traveller recently having switched to GURPS vehicles when that first came out.

Have rolled up a new character in T4, that side is much better, and fudged a few rolls that were not appropriate for the way that I wanted the character to come out - added a lot of Brawling (martial arts - I am a real life 1st Dan Black Belt in Aki-Jitsu and Nanchuku), and selected the traits useful for a ship designer. Had an immense amount of luck with the rolls, especially the mustering out which boosted me to a "Sir", I have a history that can explain that. When I get the chance I will try to load up the character:

Sir Jerry Moss, Captain Imperial Navy rtd, Chief Ship Designer to Essworthy Enterprises (Ship Builders) Ltd.

Am looking for a TL 15 with a tight law level that he could operate from that would not interfere with any other characters on the list.

Sebastian Feige

Sebastian Feige

Origin : Born in 1973 in Hannover, Germany.

Occupation : After some unsuccesfull studies in social sciences, I decided to learn something to earn money with and am right now exploiting my talent with Computers (graduating soon).

Roleplaying : It began in 1985 with a famous German RPG and nearly ended 15 years later when I decided to go for career...
Me and Traveller met first in 1990, in form of the german translation of CT. I just read and never played, but we renewed our friendship around 1995 when I was introduced to MT. The following relationship took only one year, but right now I'm running my own MT campaign.

What I like about Traveller is the slight feeling of anachronism (no insult intended), especially looking back from 2000 to the 8ties. Plus, unlike with so many other RPGs, my fascination never broke - it's like a childhood dream to me.

What I like about life is that I can feel as young as I want - without using anagathics :o)

My future plans : graduating, 'careering', marrying, all whilst handling some 'RPGing'

Ian "Peez" Ferguson

born Terra, 1958 CE


Evolutionary Biology 4, Wheeled Vehicle 1, Medic 1, Hockey 2, Wilderness Survival 2, French 1, English 4

I am a professor in the Department of Biology at Concordia University in Montreal. My free time is typically spent RPGing, playing hockey, and canoeing/hiking. My fiancé plays hockey but does not play RPGs, I guess she's OK :). I am also into war games such as Squad Leader, board games such as Diplomacy, card games such as bridge, sports such as basketball, and environmental issues.

I started RPGing in the late 70's (a home-brewed post-apocalypse game), and when I discovered D&D in Calgary in 1980 I was really hooked. My current favourites are Traveller, Star Trek (by FASA), and Runequest, all of which I have played and GMed. I have also played and GMed AD&D, Morrow Project, Aftermath, and Villains and Vigilantes; and I have played Gamma World, Boot Hill, and Rolemaster, very briefly. My current group includes 5 people (myself included).

Richard Fields

I'm a classis backroom person who usually makes small parts to fit into someone elces big picture. In Traveller terms this self perception has a few footnotes, that may help explain myself better.

Richard Fields, Male Human
Age 36
UPP AA8988
Psi Potential A

2 Terms COACC - Admin support, 2 Promotions, No Commission.
3 Terms Entertainer - Admin and Artist support to Merchants, No

Liasion 1, Admin 2, Research 1, Ground Vehicle 1, Comp 2, Art 2*, Artisan 1, Write -1*, Dance 2, Athletics 1*(-1 old injuries, -2 flat feet), Rifle 1, Mech 1@TL6, Fencing 2, Short Blade 2, Long Blade 1, Spear 1, History 1, Brawl 2, Preformance 1, Carouse 1, Theology/Cultural Awareness 1*.

Significant possessions:
Own Hovel (TL7)
1.6m shelf space of significant literature (CT-T4, not the full set)

Culture Notes:
Write -1/Art 2 : Those without franchise to undertake some activities eg appearing to be part of the intelligencia (or at least more than just functionally literate) are discouraged by existing franchisees.
Athletics 1 : Local customs expect that any prospective coach or trainer be skilled in exercise science this is a not quite a Medical skill but has significant crossovers, especially as a First Aid default.
Tall Poppies Syndrome: Parts of the culture is obsessed with egaletarian ideals, and have gone to lengths to drag some disadvantaged people up to the norm. This process has the disadvantage of dragging most gifted people down to the norm, it stifles achievement or excellence. Conversely anyone who breaks this social barrier and archives notoriety and excellence is also trapped into continuing to be expected to perform at the topmost level.
Theology/Cultural Awareness: The usually ignored skill of knowing that what "I" do may be different to what "You" do, sometimes for good reasons. Also being able to partake in the rituals of ones own society or adapt to someone elses ritual or culture.

Eric Freitas

I was born in Fort Bragg, California in the late sixties. During my childhood I moved from place to place, mostly California, Nevada, Alaska and Nebraska. I now live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with my wonderful wife and our two children (a boy and a girl, isn't that neat?).

I am a programmer and electronics technician. I've designed and built systems that I can see on fire trucks everywhere I go. I'm still completing my degree in software engineering and expect to have most of the requirements met for transfer to FSU by December 2001 (which means I'll have an AA and possibly an AS in Electronics Technology). It's been a long road. Never move until you have finished your degree, trust me...

Currently I work for Hewlett Packard, finding software (ahem) issues and telling the programmers where it's broke and how to fix it (if I have the time).

I currently co-GM a Traveller campaign in our own special (read that as heretic if you will) Traveller universe. Mostly I run the game though. The other GM is in Medical school and has to study the really hard bio. We have implemented a few of our own alien species, I have two that I have read about in various novels and am using them. My coconspirator has come up with a species with the aid of his wife and its pretty interesting. Oh yeah, we use a modified form of Stutterwarp instead of Jump Drive, and yes we probably have... OH MY GOD!!!.... (whispering this..) Pirates..... Hey what do you know, the sky didn't fall when I said it...

So there you have it...

Angus Glashier

I was born. I read too much science fiction. I screwed around with computers. I read too many roleplaying books. I played too much D&D. I ate too much. I dropped out of high school. I used the word "I" too frequently. I was unemployed. I studied for and received an Associate Diploma in Business Computing. I had too much sex. I forgot to mention that I'm Australian. I owned an run an entirely unsuccessful video rental store. I stopped roleplaying. I painted animation cells. I helped kids to play Sonic the Hedgehog over the phone. I built software for a telemarketing company. I built software for a bunch of different start-up wankers and worked too hard for too little reward. I remembered that I liked roleplaying. I began work for a well-run start-up software company. I bought too many Traveller books. I joined the TML. I wrote this email.


Glenn M. Goffin, Esq.

Glenn M. Goffin, Lawyer
67ACEA age 38; 3 terms (1 as nurseryman, 2 as lawyer)

Languages-5, Legal-4, Computer-1, Admin-2, Liaison-2, Persuasion-1, Skiing (telemark & cross-country)-2 (could go back to 3 or 4 with practice), Wheeled vehicle-2, Foil-1 (could go back to 3 with practice), Handgun-0, Instruction-1, Research (bibliographic)-2, Interview-1, Interrogation-1, Horticulture-1 (ex-nurseryman, ages 21-24; call it 1 term)

I've been playing role-playing games and and war games since 1976. I first played Traveller in 1978 or '79, while at college. Traveller rapidly became my favorite game, although in college I play-tested Bushido, Aftermath, and Runequest (and naturally played a lot of AD&D). I bought the three black books in about '81, and have been refereeing and playing since then, although not as much as I would like. (Les Howie, another Citizen, once said (not quite verbatim), "You can have two of the following three things: a successful career, a good marriage or like relationship, and enough role-playing gaming.")

Traveller is the hobby on which I easily spend the most time, although I don't seem to sit down for a game more than once a year. I work on background for my own campaign, design plots (I used to design vehicles and weapons, but now I'm too lazy), and collate information that I've obtained from HIWG, TML, and various sites. I've been running a campaign since about 1989, set in the Spinward Marches at the outbreak of the Fifth Frontier War, using Megatraveller rules. My main player lives on the East Coast, however, so we don't play very often.

Besides my Traveller biography, I could share the following: after college (Edu+2, Foil-3, and Equestrian, animal riding-1), where I had been a German language tutor (Instruction-1), I moved back to Idaho (Handgun-0), where I was a ski bum (Skiing, cross-country & telemark-4 in those years), and worked summers as a nurseryman (Horticulture-1). After a year of graduate study in history and economics (Edu+1, Computer-1, Admin-1), I went to law school (Edu+1, Soc+1, Legal-3), and then got a job at a big law firm (Research, bibliographic-2, Soc+1) in Salt Lake City (great skiing, but not quite as much time to enjoy it). After a few years there, I got a job with a smaller firm in San Francisco (Persuasion-1, Interview-1, Interrogation-1, Legal+1) doing securities fraud litigation (Soc -1), and have lived in Berkeley (Liaison-2) since. I set up my own firm last fall (Admin-1). We do international transactions, corporate/business law, securities, and complex litigation. My partner, a German Rechtsanwalt, runs the Munich office.

I come from a polyglot family, and have learned a few languages along the way (Languages-5) (maybe that's Linguistics skill in the rules). I learned to drive in high school, but haven't owned a car for most of my life (Wheeled vehicle-2).

Måns Gotare

"Måns Gotare, Born 1965 in the fertile lands of Southern Sweden. After a nondescript adolescence and the Swedish High School (Electronics) he did his duty (Swedish males have to) and served in the Armed forces for a year and found that so intresting that he choose to become an officer in the Army reserve. After the military training, at the age of 23, he decided to attend the University and finally got himself a B Sc in Computer Science and founded a company, which today is his main income."

Well that's what someone might write about me if I ever become a celebrity.... My roleplaying career started in 1980 with AD&D and Traveller. The Traveller campaign was quite short-lived and it wasn't until 1996 when I "cold started" a new campaign in the TNE universe, using TNE and (many) house rules.

Glenn Grant

I've got a BA in Creative Writing from Concordia University, here in Montreal. I'm a science fiction writer, editor, reviewer and illustrator. My first and only academic publication credit is "Transcendence Through Detournement in William Gibson's Neuromancer", Science Fiction Studies #50 (March 1990).

Some of my short fiction: "Memetic Drift", Interzone magazine #34,March 1990 - North American reprint in _Northern Stars_ (Tor 1995); "Suburban Industrial", Interzone magazine #41, Nov. 1990; and "Storm Surge", Interzone magazine #46, April 1991. (A few years ago I sold the German translation rights to "Storm Surge" to Heine Verlag, for an anthology of world sf edited by Wolfgang Jeschke, but I have yet to hear if it was published. I don't suppose any of our list members in Germany would have seen it over there?)

I used to co-edit and contribute to a small-press comics 'zine called _Mind Theatre_, and I published three issues of _Edge Detector_, a speculative fiction magazine (featuring work by Paul DiFilippo, Rudy Rucker, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Hakim Bey and Charles Platt).

David Hartwell and I co-edited _Northern Stars: The Anthology of Canadian Science Fiction_ (Tor hardcover, 1995), which included work by William Gibson, Charles de Lint, Spider Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer, Donald Kingsbury, Judith Merril, Robert Charles Wilson, and many others. (American TMLers are encouraged to look for it in their local remainder shops [belated plug]) We are currently at work on a new volume of Canadian SF and Fantasy, tentatively titled _Northern Suns_.

I've reviewed sf books for the Montreal Gazette, SF Eye, The New York Review of Science Fiction, and other periodicals. My infamous "Memetic Lexicon" article on memes and memetic concepts can be found on the "Church of Virus" Website. It originally appeared in bOING bOING and VIRUS 23 magazines.

My interests include futurology, drawing, digital graphic design, Memetics, alternative comics, alternative music, and Traveller. Most recently I've begun to turn my hand to Web page design; check out my (unspectacular but useful) site for Nebula Books, a great place to look for (and mail-order) sf, fantasy, mystery, film books, comic collections and other cool stuff.

Jo (Jaquinta) Grant

I'm a long term gamer living, usually, in Dublin, Ireland. I was on the committee for the first 5 GaelCons, the major Irish gaming convention. To the best of my knowledge I hold the dubious honour of having run the longest continually running AD&D campaign in Ireland (11 years, weekly, sadly now in abeyance). I have been active in amateur Traveller publication in both software and paper supplements since 1989 and, more recently, have done work on Milieu-0 for Imperium Games. Currently I work on the amateur publication end of CORE. Otherwise I run the Internet C.J.Cherryh Discussion list (via jaymin@maths.tcd.ie) and am the Chairman for the British Isles region of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Volker A. Greimann

I am a 22 yrs old German male (although I think of myself as a European). After finishing the German Equivalent ? of High School (Gymnasium) a couple of years ago, I first completed my year of military service in the German Airforce, the first three month in basic training, the latter 9 months getting pilots drunk in Goose Bay, Canada.

Right no I am in my 4th semester of Law in Trier University, the place that gave me Internet access (thankyouthankyouthankyou). But this probably interests nobody, so let's cut to the more interesting bits:

My first knowledge of Traveller stems from a small German pocket book about various RPG's, describing and testing them. In there they also had a small caption on Traveller. Being a SciFi-Fan for some time, this was to me a must-have! So I went out and bought the German version of CT. And liked it. Lots! Didn't play much, however. So when I heard from a friend that MT was out 1 1/2 years later, that had to be bought too. And that we played, not as much as I would have liked, but still sometimes (it's harder to find gamers for Fantasy RPG than for SciFi :-( ) When I moved away from my hometown in Northern Germany to the Netherlands (AFCENT, Brunssum to be precise). I didn't get to play Trav very much. One time, I recall!

This non-playing, but much-reading period lasted for the last 5 years now, but at the moment I am trying to form a new group. But even when not playing Tx, I still love to delve into it's rich background and collect everything I can get my hands on, for reading it is always a good substitute for playing it. Sometimes I stare at the SM-Map for hours imagining the possible adventures (sick, ey?). At the moment, though, my Traveller activity is increasing, soon play will begin (MT) and finally, finally Traveller will be USED by me again!

Chris Griffen

Chris Griffen 868899-0

Skills: Computer-2, Mechanics-1, English Lit-3, Bargain-1, Liaison-1, Language [Spanish-1], Ground Vehicle-1, Environment Suit (SCUBA)-1, Swimming-1, Medical (Trauma/First Aid)-0, History-2, Leader-2, Procrastinating-6, Screwing Around-4, Couch Potato-3

I'm a technical writer for a major Silicon Valley network equipment manufacturer (see the email address and signature) with a B.A. in English from the University of California at Santa Barbara (a.k.a., UCSurfBoard).

It amazes me how many players of this game are from such technical and scientific backgrounds. I'm no gearhead, but I love a good realistic set of game mechanics and I'm an astronomy buff.

I'm married and have two kids (a daughter, 4, who wonders what the heck is so fun about playing some weird game called "Traveller"; and a son, 2, who is every bit into his "terrible twos," thank you very much!).

I've been playing Traveller since about 1980, almost always cast in the role of referee.

Harold Hale

Name: Harold D. Hale
Occupation: Information Scientist (OK, I'm a librarian, but Bureaucrat didn't fit as well)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Terra
Age: 33

TNE UPP: A769A8-4-8
T4 UPP: B87AB9-4 (tested and verified at GenCon)

Skills and Attributes: History-5, Research-5, Admin/Legal-4, Slug Rifle-4, Computer-2, Ground Tactics-2, Ground Vehicle (wheeled)-2, Navigation-2, Slug Pistol-2, Act/Bluff-1, Autogun-1, Climbing-1, Farming-1, Forward Observer-1, Instruction-1, Language (French)-1, Leadership-1, Linguistics-1, Map-1, Medical (Trauma Aid)-1, Physics-1, Survival-1, Tac Missile-1, Willpower-1, High-G Environment-0

History: Born in AD 1963 in a mountainous, agricultural region of the North American continent on Terra (Kentucky). Grew up watching "Outer Limits", "Twilight Zone", "Battlestar Galactica", "Star Wars", and of course "Star Trek". I prefer short stories to novels, as I like to finish pieces in one sitting (this made reading Harry Turtledove's "Guns of the South" a challenge—I cheated and took three days). Beginning college at age 17, he also enlisted in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) with the idea of one day becoming an officer on active duty. While attending college, he met and eventually wed his wife Elaine, who was also student. Today, he lives in the same region that he grew up, and works for a defense-contractor, serving in the capacity of research coordinator for a staff of six.

Started playing Traveller about 1981 or 82, beginning with the "little black books". I later started thinking about submitting work to Game Designers' Workshop (still no gaming group), and eventually attended the first (and as it turns out, only) GDW Traveller Writer's Conference, held in Bloomington, Illinois in the summer of 1992. Submitted more work for publication, including "Playland", and adventure published in Challenge 76, several small arms and two attack speeder designs which were published in the RC Equipment Guide, among others. Developed the "Children of Earth: The Solomani Rim In the New Era" setting which GDW contemplated publishing before instead deciding to go ahead with development of the Regency. Joined the History of the Imperium Working Group in 1992 and became Chairman in 1995.

Currently, I'm working on additional COE stuff as I type, and the COE Web site is now operational. I'm a member of the fan group trying to bring back "Space: Above and Beyond" (a lost cause, but at least we got the Sci-Fi Channel to pick up the reruns starting in 1998), and a member of a fan group trying to keep TNE alive (not a lost cause). Bought T4 basic book in August 1996 and talked with Marc Miller concerning the direction he planned to take the game. After reading the basic manual, leafing through several supplements at game stores, and listening to other people's comments on T4, I have concluded that IG's T4 is turning out to be a replay of MegaTraveller. I have no desire to support it further monetarily or creatively. While I hope that Marc's "T4.5" is better, and I am open to doing some writing for it (and willing consult with anyone working on a major overhaul of the system), my gaming group and I still prefer a slightly revised TNE (with mods made in light of experience) over anything Marc or IG (or anyone else) have planned for "T4.5".

Thom Harris

I'm a 47 year old Alpha Prototype Computer Technical Manager. Fancy name for building and testing Alpha computers in a two man shop. Have been a Technical Manager since retiring from U.S. Army in 1989. Served in Military Intelligence for all 20 years. One of my jobs after retirement was to move the Intelligence School equipment from Fort Devens, MA to Fort Huachuca, AZ. My specialty in the Army was Electronic Intelligence (ELINT for those of you who keep up with such things) and went thru all the enlisted ranks E1 - E7 for that specialty and then went to the Warrant Officer Corp. Retiring as CWO2 (turned down CWO3 but was promoted in the reserves 1 month later) I am still eligible for call back until age 62. Not too bad considering I have been promoted twice in the reserves since retiring (now a CWO4) and received 3 more medals. Life is crazy isn't it?

Married to the same wonderful woman for 23+ years with one child (a daughter now 16). She's been my light and my inspiration throughout my adult life. She played follow me for the first 14 years we were married, so when I retired from the Army (she had just finished her BA in Biology) we moved to Waltham, MA where she attended Brandeis University for her graduate degrees. Now I follow her around and do contract work which pays most excellent.

I started roll playing like most with D&D and AD&D in early 80. Moved to Traveller in late 82 early 83 (can't remember). I have also played Rolemaster, Star Wars, Twilight 2000/Merc 2000, Traveller 2300 A.D., Battle Tech and Mech Warrior. I have written over 40 scenario's that have been used at major RPG conventions. I also wrote 2 Traveller novels that are so bad that I am totally embarrassed and won't show them to anyone. Anybody out there a polish writer that would like to share authorship?

Joseph Heck

I'm a system administrator and coder at the Unversity of Missouri - Columbia. I started out there at the Help Desk, which housed the original "Missouri Archive", for which I appear to be well known in Traveller circles. (It's now located at http://traveller.mu.org/). In all fairness, mine was just a poor copy of an FTP site called SUNBANE which was the first giant archive of cool Traveller stuff.

I've been playing Traveller since the early 80's and have made it through all if the various incarnations. My gaming group is in dormancy right now, but I hope to see a resurgence soon...

Ethan Henry

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I work in marketing for a software company with, believe it or not, the official title of "Java Evangelist".

I haven't played Traveller in years but I still try to keep my collection of Traveller books dust-free. My own Traveller web page is at http://www.magma.ca/~ehenry/traveller/

Charles R. Hensley

695CC6-? (T4)

(psi low due to inability to understand others {0 for telepathy})

Background: Father mechanic and JOT tried to teach these skills, wood working and math favorite subjects in school.

Mechanic-1, Electronic-1, Craftsman (woodworking)-1, Ground Vehicle-1, Intrusion-1, JOT-1, Art (drafting)-1

US Navy 1/2 terms, no promotions: Electronic-1, Pistol-1, Computer-1, First Aid-1

?, 1/2 terms: Ground Vehicle-1, Short Blade-1, Mechanic-1

Technician, 1 term: Mechanic-1, JOT-1, Art (miniatures painting)-3, Computer-1, Art (drafting)-1, +1 Soc, +4 Edu

Manufacturing/College 2 terms + 1 year. Full-time quality control, machinist, and engineer while attending college full-time, BS in mechanical Engineering, minor in Math. Chemistry-0, History-1, Instruction-1, Computer-1, Engineering-2, Physics-1, Craftsman (metal working)-2, Lang (Spanish)-0, Research-1, Admin-2, JOT-1, Art (drafting)-1, +1 Soc, +4 Edu

Update: 13 feb 01
1/2 term Manufacturing. Craftsman(metal working-1, computer-1 {Eng and Admin did not increase : ( }

Notes: Engineering and Admin higher from education but limited due to lack of practical experience (i.e. will increase in the next few years).

Final skills list: JOT-3, Art (miniatures painting)-3, Computer-3, Mechanic-3, Art (drafting)-3, Ground Vehicle-2, Admin-2, Engineering-2, Electronics-2, Craftsman (metal working)-2, Craftsman (wood working)-1, Small Blade-1, First Aid-1, History-1, Instruction-1, Intrusion-1, Physics-1, Pistol-1, Research-1, Chemistry-0, Language (Spanish)-0

Possessions: 5 computers (working?), 2500 book library, hovel, 1 ground vehicle (small truck)

Web page http://home1.gte.net/res04u7k/Traveller/

Interests: Reading (see library size), computers, drafting/drawing, RPG's (ref/play: Traveller {all}, RuneQuest. play: AD&D {due to lack of referees locally}) No gaming now due to lack of time.

Jim Hinkel

Skills - SMG 3 (H&K MP 5), ACR 4 (AR 15), Pistol 2 (Colt 1911 Series 70), LAG 0 (G.E. Mini Gun) Computers 2, JOT 4, Streetwise 3, Survival 1, Tracked Vehicle 2, Wheeled Vehicle 3, Chemistry 2, Electrical 3, Blade Combat 1, Brawling 2, Administration 4, Archaeology 1, Bureaucracy 3, Business 3, Carousing 6, Engineering 2, Fast Talk 3, Intimidation 3, Philosophy 2, Tactics 1, Research 3, Shot Gun 2, Mechanics 3, Broker 3, Trader 4, Primitive Watercraft 3, Gambling 1, Charisma 3, Music 1, Physics 1, Art 1, Melee Combat 2

I studied Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration and Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. I own the following businesses; Manufacturers Representative firm specializing in heat transfer and process equipment, Waste Management company specializing in the disposal of specialized Asbestos containing waste, Computer company building IBM compatible units and an Interactive Distribution company utilizing computer and communications technology to provide goods and services to domestic and foreign markets.

My partner and I are also involved engineering consulting, fume abatement equipment design, water and waste water treatment plant and equipment designs, general Government, DARPA and Military equipment bids.

In my spare time I chase my beautiful 3 year old girl named Morgan around, hang out with my best friend Ann and 5 month girl Emily, practice martial arts, play Traveller and AD&D (since 1978), shoot various civilian and military weapons (LOVE the G.E. Mini Gun , H&K MP5 and M249 SAW), lift weights, boat, fly, read, drive fast cars, participate in paleontological and archeological expeditions, collect ground vehicles and look for new business opportunities.

Desire to retire, go back to Pitt for a Ph.D. in Philosophy (for no real practical purpose), and travel the world helping people succeed in business and realize their dreams.

Eric Holmes

Holmes, Eric Thomas James of the Family Holmberg
Father: Holmberg, Lars Ture
Mother: Palumbino, Jeanette Anna
Roots: Solomani, Huguenot Swede and Roman Italian
Born: Solomani States of America
UPP: 5 9 5 9 C 7* * previously 9 while in COAC
Skills: Planetary Defense Gunner 6, Administration 2, Gun Combat (Pistol) 1, (Shotgun) 3, (Musket) 2, Interrogation 2, Chemical Warfare 1, Leadership 1, Tactics 1, Land Navigation 2, Biologist 2, Mathematics 2, Chemistry 2, Research 2, Streetwise 1, Outdoor Survival 3, Vacc Suit 3, Swimming 3

Educated as a biologist, BS Syracuse, aviation safety engineer, MS Embry-Riddle, PhD. drop-out! Currently Explosives Safety Engineer for a national laboratory. (Don't ask me, it's probably classified anyways. Lookitupontheinternet.)

Gaming since 1965 (first board game), Traveller fanatic since 1977, Napoleonics since 1979 (Austrians), Rolemaster since 1980, Historical re-enactor since 1985, European Napoleonic Association, Ensign 42nd RoF "Blackwatch", strong on the military history of the Highland Regiments and camp life during the wars part-time safety engineer and historian for Philmont Scout Ranch, since 1992.

Gordon Horne

I started RPGs with the "blue book" edition of D&D and started Traveller with the "little black books". I don't remember the year, but it was before the publication of Book 4: Mercenary.

I have a problems with rules and authority and am a high-school drop-out. I now hold a BSc in Geography with a concurrent major in Japanese Studies. An eight-month co-op stint with the B.C. Ministry of Environment, Industrial Waste and Hazardous Materials Branch, Contaminated Sites Unit convinced me that "something must be done". Presently, I'm pursuing a Masters of Environmental Design working on what i choose to call Architectural Ecology. Basically it's the reframing of diverse fields, hopefully to develop a useful set of conceptual tools to allow us to start planning our impact on the world rather than react to our past disasters. (There is some scary stuff beneath and in our schools, homes and agricultural land with more being adding all the time.)

My passion in SF and gaming is world building.

Michael Houghton

I'm a Computer Programmer/Administrator/mumble. I've been playing
Traveller sporadically since the CT days. I have most everything GDW
put out for CT and a good bit of MT. I don't get to play or referee
nearly as much as I'd like to.

I started playing wargames in High School and haven't stopped.

I live in the Washington, DC area with my wife of 18 years and four
children. Among my other interests are woodworking, tablet weaving and
medievalism (both Society for Creative Anachronism and Markland
Medieval Mercenary Militia).

I have been fiddling with traveller software and have an early
release of a Perl and Perl/Tk port of Jim Vassilakos' Galactic software.
This can be found at my web site http://www.radix.net/~herveus/traveller/.

Michael Hughes

[UPP 654886] Age 26

Skills: History-1, Computer-0, Ground Vehicle-0, Writing-0, Administration-0

Term 1 College
Term 1.5 Bureaucrat

I started RPGing with the pink basic set of D+D in 1981 and two years later introduced to Dragonquest and Traveller (ahhhh). Upon completing school took a year off (unemployed), went to uni for three years, took another year off (unemployed), went back to uni for a year and then joined the civil service.

Highs; My partner and my cat.

Lows; Undergoing the basic demolitions course and failing so badly (in the process of which being a participant in three misfires), recommended never ever to hold a license. Sacked from the university paper after outraging the universities' lesbian community (all two of them).

David "Hyphen" Jaques-Watson

UPP: 685AA9 Age: 37 (born mid-'65)
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Specialities: Traveller History-4, Admin-3, Computer-3
Other Skills: Artisan (Web Design)-2, Instruction-2, Liaison-2, Philosophy (Religion)-2, Quake Weapons-2, Wheeled Vehicle-2, Acting-1, Air Rifle-1, Naval Architect-1, Music-1, Research-1, Writing-1

Mundane History: Started school in Sydney, but went overseas when Dad (a surveyor/civil engineer) couldn't get work in the early '70s "white-collar depression". Lived for a while in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, before coming back to a boarding school in Sydney.

Moved to Bathurst, New South Wales (Mum's home town) and went to Mitchell College of Advanced Education (MCAE), doing personnel management. That sucked - and I sucked at it - so I went to work assisting the roster nurses at a psych hospital in nearby Orange. Returned to Bathurst to work as a clerk at the gaol. Still get funny looks from people when I tell them that I started work at the loony bin and ended up in gaol. Still, I got to work out how long the crims were going to be inside for, certainly an... interesting exercise.

Returned full-time to college in time for it to be converted to a university, changed majors to computing and completed my degree: Bachelor of Business (Computing and Management Information System). Call it "B.Bus (Comp & MIS)", and it's not as much of a mouthful. Oh, all right, it still is.

Started working at the Department of Social Security (or, as it was recently referred to by someone overseas, the "Department for Struggle With Unemployment") in September 1990, so I'm coming up on 12 years there. No, I haven't used up all my long service leave. Yes, invested in a few shirts from the corporate wardrobe. A few years ago a number of departments were pulled apart and put back together, with the large service delivery area set up as Centrelink to provide face-to-face services of behalf of the now-much-smaller policy-writing Departments. Bought new corporate wardrobe to match.

Attended the Tuggeranong Alliance Church (had became a Christian 'way back in 1980) when in Canberra, where I met and married my wife, Leanne. We now have three beautiful kids, a girl and two boys. Six-year-old Emma is in first class this year, James is three-and-a-half and Robbie has only just turned two.

Role-playing History: First introduced to role-playing in 1982 - to Traveller, of all things! A mate in Sydney had the LBB's and created a whole sector around the original Regina subsector from Adventure 1. First game I ever played was "Aces and Eights", by John M. Ford. Loved it, but had to move away to college at Bathurst. Didn't roleplay any more until I met some computer-head gamers at college (late 1983), who mostly played that "other game". Admittedly, first AD&D game I ever played was in a metal dungeon ("Expedition to the Barrier Peaks"), so I reckon I was an even-more-confused newbie than normal. We formed the Mitchell AD&D (MADD) gaming club in 1984, primarily to scam some money from the Student Representative Council, who (among other things) gave money to student clubs. Well, we were a club, we met every week to game our brains out, but we just didn't have the 30+ people required for recognition. After some judicious head-hunting, managed to convince the SRC we were large enough to deserve a few hundred bucks - yippee! Went wild when we found a wholesaler in Sydney willing to sell us gaming gear at a wholesale price, further discounted because we were a "club"!

Attended numerous conventions throughout the late '80s and early '90s, playing tabletop AD&D and Traveller, plus many "free-forms". Won a number of awards for gaming, including one for "Death of an Empire", a Traveller module! In the early '90s, helped stage a free-form at the Canberra role-playing convention Cancon, by playing an NPC Hitler in "The Bunker", a game about the last three hours of Hitler's hidey-hole. Ambition - when my copious free time suddenly emerges - is to attend a convention and play a wargame, a tabletop game, and a freeform, winning a prize in all three and laying to rest that old "role-playing vs roll-playing" rubbish. It's all gaming, after all.

Spent my Traveller career as the group's referee. First Traveller item ever purchased was Starter Traveller when it appeared in 1983. Inherited my Sydney mate's LBBs when he got sick of gaming back in late '84. Major claims to fame are getting a toned-down version of our group's Tavonni stats into the "Regency Sourcebook" (thanks to Mike Mikesh!), and recently influenced the "Behind the Claw" write-up of same. Discovered the TML in 1995, even before I had my own 'net connection, and have been a sometime-attendee since then. Probably considered to be one of the annoying "canon-eers". ;-) Created Beowulf Down in 1996, translating my Library Data hyperbook application from the Amiga to HTML. Have constantly added content since then, major items apart from Lib Data being a huge links list (sadly out-of-date at the moment) and much stuff on Tavonni.

Right now I'm trying to resurrect my Trav campaign, going hap-hazardly since 1985 and set in the Fifth Frontier War (but with a few surprises for well-read players).
Last Updated 17 Aug 2002

Del Jones

B69A96 (Dex=A w/ rugby ball) Age 28

Scientist/Technician: 1 term, Army (Communications): 1.5 terms, College (Dropout) 0.5 terms

Technical (Commo)-3, Computer -3, Ground Vehicle-2, Combat Rifleman-1 (some may say -0 :-) ), Linguistics (French-2, German-2, Latin-2), Nepalese-0), Electronics-2, Science (Chemical)-1, Leader -(-5), JOT-1. (and don't forget Carousing-6!!!! & Sports (Rugby(League))-3)

Made the worst mistake in my life, & joined the Army, (Royal Signals)..Didn't like it but stuck out my contract and lasted the 6 years I'd signed on for.... 'Real' Traveller is my main Sci-fi game love, as I'm quite a large chap, and the thought of tight corridors in starships like in 2300 really gets me claustrophobic...hence I bought it and gave it away!!!

Have been playing Traveller for 12 years (starting with CT's LBB's) along with AD&D (had to do some gaming when no-one was keen on playing Traveller ..ie the early army days) and had plenty of time to study up on my MT. Regularly gaming now with a group every Saturday eve using William Connor's Psionic Knights series TD14-17, (well actually that plot's long gone now and its getting more and more intriguing).

I have a lovely wife (and best friend), Dorothy, to whom I have been married for 3 years..She is really understanding about this 'Traveller thingie...' but as yet haven't been able to persuade her to join in. (got to mention my Cocker Spaniel..'Stevie' as well)

Work wise..I am currently working as IT assistant manager (reads..Person who knows how to use the MS Answer Wizards) for a Tyre Wholesalers....normally gets an eyebrow raised when I tell people I work in rubber... I have done some work on an excel trading spreadsheet, and generally enjoy tweaking around with my Imperial worlds MS Access database in my spare time. And am also a X-Files and Millennium addict, and have always been a Monty Python freak!

Jason Kemp

777AA7 Age 30
College 1.5 terms, Communications 1.0 terms, Computer Programmer 0.5 terms

Skills: Admin-0, Biology-1, Chemistry-2, Computer-2, Cudgel-1, Genetics-0, Instruction-2, Interview-1, Liasion-2, Physics-0, Wheeled Vehicle-1

Inventory: Wheeled Vehicle, Desktop Computer, Cudgel, Extensive Imagination, Great Friends, Not Nearly Enough Credits

Homeworld: Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) - Starport C, Large Size, Standard Atmosphere, Wet World, Hi Pop, Mod Law, Industrial

Additional Notes: No known anagathics source. No known psionic training. Distinctively long red hair, and typically a cheerful disposition. One wonderful son, Nicholas, now 2 years old, and apparently the successful result of an illicit cloning experiment, based on pictures of Jason's own childhood. Jason enjoys gaming, particularly Traveller, AD&D, Hero and Storyteller systems. He is currently a First Degree Initiate of Wicca under the American Tradition of the Goddess.

John Lambert

My background is space surveillance — using ground-based visible and infrared sensors, and even lasers to "detect, track, and identify" (to quote the mission statement) objects in space, first in the Air Force (Capt. USAFR ret.) and now as a contractor (it pays better). My specialty is signature analysis, recognizing and monitoring the status of satellites too far away to image from the variations in their total brightness. I've acquired some expertise in orbital mechanics, sensors, and computer programming. Along the way, I picked up a couple of master's degrees and a PhD in astronomy. My primary astronomy interest is asteroids and recently have been working on Earth approaching asteroids (the old TML "dropping rocks" problem).

Nicolas LeJeune

353974 PSI-10 ;-)

I'm 25 and a networking engineer, playing with middleware and databases.

Actually I took a 5 years degree in microelectronics so I have a background in quantum mechanic and crystallography. I specialised myself in Networking because the microelectronic branch was a little busy, and boring... Then I was a teacher in networking during my military duty (1year). And finally, I'm working for 2 years in a service company (recently become the biggest in France) temporary called ligos-Axime-Marben. I'm working on a Win99 project for a French bank, in charge of the middleware and all general procedures.

I've done some job in an Intranet service for our company and I'm personally programming Visual Basic at home. I'm building a map displayer for TNE/Pre-collapse data.

I'm playing TNE very recently with my girlfriend (damn! my wife from a week now!). I'd play Vampire and other WhiteWolf products for 3 years. Before it was the ADD of course. I handle a RPG club in the University (2 year as president).

James Lindsay [ICQ#: 7521644]

I have nearly ten years of automotive repair experience under my belt, and at one point even considered returning to school to acquire an engineering degree so I could teach those bozos at GM how to really design a vehicle. I also race autocross, which requires me to know a lot about custom vehicle design (as well as how vehicles interact with a road surface). I actually managed to get all four wheels on my '90 Sprint Turbo off of the ground at one event without the use of any "ramp-like" device (what a ride that was). I was also the first person to drove a Corvette ZR-1 (not mine) through a McDonald's Drive Thru in Canada (oooh... ahhh...) :-)

I also have thousands of hours of exposure to PBS, A&E, the Knowledge Network, the Learning Channel, the Discovery Channel, and Bill Nye. I believe this might bring me up to Mr. Golden's EDU rating :-)

Finally, I compiled and formatted the very document you are now reading. You can learn more about me by visiting the rest of my webpage.

Joseph "Chepe" Lockett

I'm a U.S. Navy brat who grew up around the U.S. (Hawaii, San Diego CA, Washington DC), now residing here in Houston TX. In college I spent three years as a Space Physics/Classics major (making me either a classical physicist, or a physical... nah....). I found, though, that I preferred talking about, writing about, and explaining physics over doing it, so in mid-junior year I leapt over to an English major. That and entirely too much theatre kept me in college for six years total.

Recently I've held an assortment of teaching jobs (from fourth to eighth graders) and technical writing / computer consulting positions. It's sort of random, but it lets me do theatre in the evenings (I recently finished a well-received collegiate production of Shakespeare's THE WINTER'S TALE, finally directing in my tenth consecutive year with that festival).

As far as Traveller-relevant expertise goes.... I still know my physics okay, though not so well as some on the list. I'm happy to proofread your Latin next time you want to print up some Rule of Man Commemorative coins.... I stay fairly well-read on the history of the late Roman Republic and other eras when I can get to them, and try to stay abreast of ongoing scientific research in a variety of fields. I own every GDW- and DGP- produced product (aside from a couple boardgames and JTAS 2 & 4) for CT, MT, and TNE, plus several from the licensees, and I have an English major's memory for material and detail, so I enjoy playing canon-cop when I'm not blithely breaking it myself. :-)

I prefer historical/cultural/technological threads, and tend to stay out of rules-discussions, though, since I play GURPS. I think that alone may make me as much a heretic as Eris Reddoch....

Andrew Long

Andy Long
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

My name is Andrew, but from childhood (so many years ago), I've been called Andy. I'm trying to change that, but in a fairly half-hearted way. It doesn't seem to have much effect on people who've known you for half of your life.

I'm forty(mumble), single, born British and was naturalised Australian in 1989, when I was working in Brisbane. I've worked in Abu Dhabi for 14 of the past twenty years (four of the missing five were spent in Oz), and I've just left Sydney to come back here to find work.

Systems I've played (besides Traveller, that is):- Call of Cthulhu, AD&D (1st edition), Runequest (2nd edition? not the AH version, anyway), Twilight 2000, Paranoia, Pendragon. Systems that I've owned even if I haven't played them:- 2300AD, FASA Star Trek, Chivalry and Sorcery, Rolemaster, James Bond - the list goes on, and I've dumped some of them in packing my stuff to ship it to the UK.

I've been a very intermittent gamer, having spent those 14 years working here in Abu Dhabi, but I've always been a Traveller player at heart. These days all I get to do is roll up players and worlds, and design ships and stuff, although there's nothing in my portfolio as inspirational as some of the stuff I've been seeing on the list. I'm more of a collector than a gamer, I suppose.

My favourite system is MT (yes, I know why it's called Megatypo), although I've always mixed in bits from other systems as I felt they fitted. At one point I was using bits of the old SPI 'Universe' system to add detail to world generation, and my most recent project was trying to merge the World Builders handbook, the World Tamers handbook and the 2300AD world generation system. However, that came to a grinding halt when I uprooted myself from Australia 7 weeks ago and returned to the middle east. All my stuff is in transit to the UK, and all I brought with me was the players & referees books and the WBH.

I thought the rebellion setting was... interesting, and I liked the 'everything is a task' approach that it brought in. I thought that TNE might be a better version of that system, but haven't really had a chance to find out - and the setting turned me off at first. Looking back at the last episodes of it, there was a chance to bring virus-pcs into the game, which would have been interesting, if a bit overpowering, but the early dungeon-crawls for loot just turned me right off. Unfortunately, I had even less chance to play T4, although I managed to collect most of the books.

I await the T5 system, although at this point my expectations are low. At this point my preferred option is to use the MT system and the GT setting. With the capture of Dulinor (you do all know that he isn't REALLY dead, don't you?), there's still a chance of large scale conflict breaking out, but not on the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it scale of the Rebellion. AI's are just about ready to enter canon (that research station where the transponder research is being carried out seems like a pretty good candidate for an Amnesty Interstellar investigation, to me), which will really shake things up, and we've got Varian out there ready to stir up trouble in the Marches

Well, that's me.

Rob Lowry

Lets see.. no fancy digress, just a 2 yr. certificate from a tech school. Worked for a printer manufacture for 7 years as a Test Tech, testing the printers (Firmware, hardware and software compatibility) Recently relocated and joined the "Evil Empire" (Microsoft) as a tester. Been playing CT since early 80's... as well as a host of other RPG's... much to the scorn of my wife ;)

Bruce Alan Macintosh

I'm a (recently-graduated) PhD astronomer. My current astronomy interests are extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs, and high-resolution imaging of solar system objects (Io and Titan in particular.) So I can deal with (some) astronomy questions...

More relevantly to the perpetual arguments on gdw-beta, I also do quite a bit of work on astronomical instrumentation - originally infrared cameras, and now adaptive optics (correcting the blurring due to the earth's atmosphere) with laser guide stars (using a laser to make an artificial reference source 100km up to use for this correction), so I know a fair amount about sensors, detection, and lasers. I'm actually currently working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, but I keep my Traveller mail here at UCLA due to a feeling that LLNL electronic censors might get slightly befuddled by discussions of nuclear x-ray lasers and hypervelocity kinetic kill missiles...

Colin Michael

986A65 (T5) Age 35 Cr. 100

1.5 term Navy, 0.5 term Merchant, 2 terms Homer

Comp-3, Wheeled Veh-2, Mech-1, Elec-1, Steward-1, Admin-1, Leader-1, Blade-1

Currently employed by Rational Software as a Java / XML / I18n consultant

When I left the USN I found that there were very few civilian companies that had need of an Anti-Submarine Warfare computer operator / instructor. So I went into sales and after two years my life was completely ruined. Then I went to work at the local nuke plant up in Maine. If you want to know what I did there you'll have to look up my resume. I want to talk about Traveller, now.

I started playing in school in the fall of '78 and saw an immediate drop in my grades. Having my priorities straight, I gave up on everything but school and Traveller and enjoyed the rest of my time there. I began ref'ing in early '79 and the rest of the story is on my web pages. A warning to my fellow TMLers: sarcasm is the highest form of humor IMHO, so watch out lest you be sucked in or riled up by my posts.

Michael Mifsud (aka: Solomani)

Michael "Pure strain human" Mifsud


Martial Arts 6 (Drunken Style)
Computers 6
Strategy 7
Jack-of-all 5
Arcade Games 9
Sarcasm 7
Language 6 (English, Japanese, Maltese, Aslan)

Gary Miles

Graphic Artist, and as my card I hand out at SF conventions says "Fan, Filker, Gamer, Comic Collector". 38 years old, started reading SF with "The Magnificent Mushroom Planet" in 3rd Grade. Watched Star Trek during its original run. Saw the 1973 theatrical re-release of 2001:A Space Odyssey on a Cinerama screen, saw Star Wars three days after opening (and still have the original theatrical program book).

Started gaming in '77 with T&T, then D&D. Then a friend got a bunch of these little black boxes from a friend of his that was a playtester for a company called GDW. My life has never been quite the same since...

Peter Miller

Let's see. I'm 20 years old and have been gaming for ten of those. I was introduced to Traveller through some random World Wide Web search about four years ago and have been hooked ever since - I guess most of you guys would call me a newbie!

I currently work for a used and new computer store called Computer Renaissance in Oakville, Ontario, and go to the University of Toronto; for philosophy, and other 'useless' subjects. I have a passion for microprocessor architecture and computer engineering which I've never pursued in school - mainly so that I'll still enjoy it after hours.

Not currently playing any Traveller or RPGs, but I do work on and off on campaign ideas and am writing a fantasy roleplaying game (and setting with seven year's of play in it) into publishable form with a friend of mine.

Steve Miller

I'm a editor/writer/game designer with a degree in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Utah. I grew up in Europe (Denmark, primarily), and started my role-playing hobby on "Star Frontiers" from TSR.

As a kid, I decided that I wanted to make my living as a writer or editor, and so far I've been able to just that. I've worked as an entertainment writer, features editor, PR writer, script writer, and more recently as a games editor/designer. Since making my hobby my vocation as well, I've worked on staff at TSR, and am presently freelancing for Archangel Entertainment and White Wolf... and have also contributed to an upcoming T4 adventure anthology from Imperium Games. I'll soon be taking over the editorial reins of the "Star Wars Journal" at West End Games.

It's only recently that I discovered TRAVELLER — early 1995 to be exact — when I bought the TNE and MT boxed sets, and gathered a group of my then co-workers at TSR for a weekly TNE campaign.

Terry Mixon

I am a unix system administrator for NASA at the Johnson Space Center. My work involves keeping the systems the flight controllers use up and running correctly.

I have been gaming in various forms since the mid 70's. I started before high school with D&D and found Traveller in 77. In 1977 I found Traveller but no one wanted to play it. Still, I collected most of the GDW stuff.

Also over the years have been other games seemingly beyond number. Most of my gaming is done over the Internet now. I play and GM in several games from MERP to Star Trek to Traveller.

I am also involved in a long term project to do the spinward marches trade info in the GURPS form. Check it out.


Danny M. Moody

Three years out of college, with a degree in computer science, minoring in physics (emphasis on astrophysics). Took me six years to get my degree because of two misguided years in aerospace engineering.

Have worked on medical databases and co-wrote the first live perioperative charting system to go on line (hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa), and am now a system analyst with a world-wide brokerage firm. On of my programs (Bridge Workstation) is also going to be in a movie coming out soon (_The Game_ starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn).

Not *too* bad for this 26 year old...

Extensive readings in medieval, Roman, and (US) Revolutionary history. Beginning swordsman and armourer (though I do *great* mail). I also am completely addicted to TLC (Totalitarian Leaders Channel), TDC (The Dictator's Channel), A&E (Adolph and Eichman Channel), etc, etc: just about the only TV I watch (besides Babylon 5 and Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In). Traveller player/GM since 1980.

As for my greatest achievement, I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful woman with degrees in history and political science, and MPA, and ABD on her Ph.D.

Todd Moody

I have a degree in Economics from the USAF Academy so its broad engineering based. I have been flying KC-135s for the last 11 years, so I have forgotten most of the Econ by now and although I had an extensive math background, started out to major in Engineering Sciences, don't expect much from me there either. I am well read on the SF front and started playing Traveller in 1980. I am a CT kinda guy, but have the Deluxe T4 on order and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Dom Mooney

Home page: http://www.cybergoths.u-net.com/

Dominic Mooney - born in '71, British subject, married to Sarah (who tolerates those 'weirdy games you play') - a teacher - since 1996. An engineer of the mechanical flavour by training, I now work for designing process plant for manufacturing home and personal care consumer products. This is quite a change since my first post-University job (95 to 97) where I worked on high energy electromechanical batteries (AKA flywheels), but now I get to travel all over Europe.

On the Traveller front, I'm a BITS member, responsible for about a third of 101 Lifeforms, and for editing and contributing to 101 Religions and 101Patrons, writing a number of tournament scenarios (4 at last count). I'm involved in several other projects for BITS, work in the steering team, and I maintain the BITS and CORE websites.

I've been roleplaying since '83 and played Traveller off and on since then. Other games I like include Faded Suns, 2300, Cyberpunk 2020, CoC and Runequest. Ambitions include winning the lottery so I can afford to write this kind of roleplaying material full time.

Andrew Moore

Andy Moore
Lt Colonel
Imperial Marines (Ret.)

Affectionately called "Colonel Mac" by friends and foes (usually only when looking at the business end of a gauss rifle) alike. I was enlisted into service in 1980 when I came across my first box set of what is now called Classic Traveller. Book 4 (Mercenary) was all it took to lock down my love for the game. I began playing with a group of fellow police officers, a pschologist, military historians, and other crazies. I later received my Master of Divinity and went to work with youth gangs in Japan. After several years in Asia, I moved back to the U.S. and now work with teens on the east coast.

Nick Munn

Me, I got a BA in chemistry (with some maths, physics and materials science) from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; rather than do something different like everyone else on the list, I stayed to do a PhD in theoretical chemistry - specifically, reactions of small molecules at metal surfaces. I'm now a post-doc researcher at the University of Sheffield, working on search techniques for chemical databases.

I've played Traveller on and off (mostly off) since the mid-80s, mostly for the background. (No, I didn't buy TNE.) I'm gearhead in the sense of demanding internal consistency, but the play's the thing. I like designing ships and vehicles, as well as political backgrounds.

Recreations: Guitar, practical psychology (Jungian), Chomskyan linguistics, ex-flag football lineman (5'5", too many lbs). Self (over-) education, mainly by reading and thinking.


885A96, 4 (just started 4th) terms, Age 31
1st Term-military, 1 promotion, no commission
2nd Term-university
3rd term-bureaucrat (rolled survival exactly, laid off)
4th term-bureaucrat
Skills: jack-o-t 2, history 2, cbt rifleman 2, computer 1, admin 3, brawling 1, liaison 2, survival 1, tactics 1, useless trivia 6

I served 4 years in the Canadian Forces (as a Finance Clerk), have a BA in Anthropology, have spent far too much time as a security guard and now work as an admin assistant at Nelvana (distributor and maker of fine animation, Tintin, Babar and Care Bears to name a few).

Roger Myhre

Name: Roger Myhre UPP:66EAA-7 Age: 30
Cash: Adequate (but never enough)
Career: Computer operator 1 Term
Unemployed (various straw jobs 1 term)
Sensor operator Norwegian Navy 1/4th term+
College (economics) 1 term
Belongings: .22 gun, comp mod2/bis, loadsa books, bike
Skills: Computer-3, Language(English)-3, Dice-rolling-3, Sensors-2, History-2, Cooking-2, Small craft-1, Vehicle-0, Navigation-0, Absentmindedness-4

After I finished my conscripted duty in the Royal Norwegian navy I was introduced to RPGs by a friend. A Swedish system called Mutant. I liked it and decided to buy my own game, but I wanted something more "realistic" FS RPG. The choice fell on MT which was fairly new in 1987. And I have never looked back since. I have also meddled with other games as Paranoia, Torg, Albedo and the (A)D&D stuff. Never owned the latter.

Other interests are Harpoon (For those of you who got Harpoon Naval Review 1994 may have seen that I played in the Gulf of Sitra scenario at GenCon 1992.), biking, and computers.

Jeff Norton

I'm 34, currently in the employ of Uncle Sam, married to my BEST friend Michelle, have two war Chihuahuas (Poco and Meko). I'm staying (for now) in MD (APG, to be specific), working my duty at a Army test facility (God, is it ever boring), studying for my degree, reading my Traveller books (all the mods), and trying to be a good husband.

I roughly began playing around 1980, after a bad ADnD experience. We bounced around the Top Secret world, Bushido, Star Trek (tm), and tried Star Frontiers (T$R's vain attempt into SFRPG), but ended up in the CT expanses and the SCA.

After a hitch in the retail game, I got the wonderlust bug, said I would, and let Uncle Sam give me a job (actually, not too bad. Where else can you shoot the competition AND its legal?). They sent me overseas twice (well, actually three (3) times but SA doesn't count - it was an FTX with live ammo for nine months) and got to see a lot of Europe (first in Mainz, then in Augsburg), and the European homestead of my family. Just wish I could have seen the Scot side of my dad... I'm an MP, been one for 9 years, getting ready for Staff Sergeant, and making my way through the quagmire that is APG.

I hope to get my degree in business management (maybe in spelling too), with minors in computing and history. My wife has hers in PR, but wants to upgrade to accounting. I have an avid love in reading, my addiction (my/our (sorry, hon) PC), writing (still working on that great Traveller novel...), weights, running, star watching, and what else I have time for. 'Chele likes about the same, less running, but adds quilting (she made me this cool penguin quilt - I OWE HER BIG TIME)

I am not a math god (the wife balances the checkbook), scientist of any sort, or a guru. Heck, I have problems answering questions on the phone. I guess I'm a bit of a conservative/libertarian, but leaning towards pragmatism. And, I listen to Denis Miller (he was born in my hometown - Pittsburgh).

Robert O'Conner

I'm currently training to become a specialist in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. Five years ago I graduated from the University of NSW in Sydney with degrees in biochemistry, physiology and an M.B. B.S. (the local equivalent to an M.D.).

Traveller was the second RPG I played, backed in 1983, and I have been in games on and off with various versions since then. Unfortunately clinical responsibilities have been eating into my (seemingly) ever-decreasing free time. (Post-graduate medical education is a pain).

I have fairly eclectic tastes in literature, ranging from Camus to John W. Campbell and various stops in between. There's a lot of fascinating non-fiction out there, too. To the other list members : my apologies for some more of my baroque posts ; I am guilty of attacks of rampant gearheadism.

But aren't we all..? g

Chris Olson

Born in Chicago, and traipsed from coast to coast while a young child. Got involved in computers and RPGs at about the same time (Jr. High). Traveller was the second game I ever learned, and the one which captured my soul.

Unfortunately, I was not among those who agreed with me, and my love for it when unrequited until recently.

I'm 36, play Fantasy Hero and Traveller. I write programs to help me with any game I happen to playing. I'm an excellent programmer for PCs and Palm Pilots. Am having a blast with Traveller again!

Keven R. Pittsinger

584AA5 7 Terms Cr. Unimportant

Skills: Combat Rifleman-5, Computer-3, Fast Talk-4, Language-1 (English, with a *thick* Western US accent!), Wilderness Survival-2, Demolition-1, Ground Vehicle-0, Handgun-0, Broker-2, Machinist-3

1 term US Army. 1 term college. 3 terms Machinist. 1 term retail sales management. 1 term (almost 2 now) fundraiser.

I'm 49 years old. I started playing AD&D back in '79, then got involved in Traveller due to its mention at my D&D group with the LBBs. I converted to the True Faith ("There is one Game which is Traveller, and High Guard is its Product") immediately, following the Game all the way up through MT. Mostly, I was stuck refereeing, including my first homebrew setting campaign (of which the less said, the *better*!!!), a couple campaigns in the Spinward Marches, and my current PBEM set in Rebellion-era Reavers' Deep using mostly CT rules.

Recently, I picked up a copy of TNE and FF&S1, which I am mining for ideas. And I'm toying with the idea of changing over to the TNE ruleset for some things. Having 'made my bones' with AD&D, the thought of a die having other than 6 sides does *not* put me in a panic! *grin*

Dave Poulin

Born in Shawinigan, Province of Quebec, Canada. I originally wanted to become a journalist. I ended up a lawyer. I am married with two children. I now live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where I practice law with the Federal Government.

I have been playing Traveller for many years. I have had a 8 year campaign in Montreal that ended when I moved out of the city. I now have a campaign in Ottawa that goes on and off, depending on the mood of the players. We often switch between Star Wars and Traveller.

Bill Prankard

I am a 26.75yr old Web Page Designer. I work for an international educational organization called the Institute of Internal Auditors. Now before you heft your plasma cannons at me let me say that this is NOT the Infernal Revenue Service. These guys are more like beancounters and safety inspectors and such. What we do is supply educational media and cross reference documents on Auditing.

I am a relative newcomer to the Internet, but not to computers. I didn't get 'wired' until 1995, but I have used every personal computer from Apple II's in 1980 all the way to Pentium clones and even Macs!

Now to the less boring stuff. I started playing Traveller almost 1 year after I got into D&D (1985 btw). I was interested in a Sci-Fi game, so I invented my own based on what I learned in D&D. It was little more than D&D with spaceships and zap-guns. then one day someone told me of Traveller. This game had it all! from that moment on I was hooked.

Randolph Rakalas

Full Name: Randolph Kevin Rakalas (Bit of a mess but it could be worse...maybe.)
Str= was C in my football playing days now down to around 9
Dex= not bad, average control with fast reflexes, I'd say 7
End= Probably 8, was better the same time as my strength.
Int= 140 IQ, whatever that means - Above Average with occasional luck. Let's say 8
Edu= High School, currently in trade school learning how electronics = magic, 8
Sst= lower middle probably high 5 / low 6.
Age= 30 - Living in a time of discord and loving it.

Master of screwing up in high school, decided not to join the Marines when my High School Counselor said it was a good idea. Instead spent twelve years as a Truck Driver, Forklift Operator, S and R Clerk, Quality Assurance Man, Courier, and a warehouse supervisor. You need it shipped, packed, moved, transported, delivered, repacked, shrink wrapped, written up (In a Damage Report), filled with peanuts or put on top of a rack I'm your man. And I don't even charge extra for additional paperwork and bullying the subordinates into doing their jobs. All part of the service :-)

It only took me those twelve years to figure out that I could make a lot more money solving puzzles and not be treated like a steaming pile of cow waste. Thus I am in my current situation; living with the girlfriend, occasionally being allowed to make love, playing RPGs, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, AD&D only if I am forced to. Love old Squad Leader and would happily die if I could find a good game of Kingmaker with more than two adversaries.

Other Hobbies: History, English, from Roman conquering (Claudius Rules) to the War of the Roses (Richard the Third - wasn't he the guy that bombed Cambodia? Wups wrong Richard). Reading Science Fiction, Horror and Detective novels. Watching foreign films with subtitles (I hate dubbing). Thwapping the cat and getting bit in return. Love the cold winter of Wisconsin, my current home.

Eris Reddoch

I guess I could best be described as a "professional student" that graduated into an "absent-minded Professor." g My title is Professor of Computer Science, and I teach at Pensacola Junior College. What this really means is I teach basic computer concepts, business applications, and introductory programming classes to freshmen and sophomores. In addition to the Computer Science, I also have advanced degrees in Business and Educational Design, and a bachelors in Interdisciplinary Social Science...that's the professional student part. ;-

I began playing war games in the early days of Avalon Hill and SPI, and began designing them shortly thereafter.. never tried to publish anything, just did it for myself and the players around me. I've played the campaign version of 1914 and "borrowed" a gymnasium to play out the entire Jutland scenario. If I'd kept at it, I guess I'd be what is known in the hobby as a Grognard. (sp) However, I haven't war gamed now in years.

My friends and I started roleplaying (though we didn't call it that) years before Dungeons & Dragons came out, but I remember the excitement when I found that little white box in the back of the game store. I was aware that TSR was moving to AD&D, but I never bought into it. Loving science fiction, I jumped on Traveller like a "duck on a June bug" when it first came out in 77, and I have most of the CT material, but I never got into MegaTraveller. The main boxed set wasn't good enough to pull me away from the home-brew I'd worked up over the years, and the politics of the rebellion didn't interest my players. Frankly, I got a lot more use and enjoyment out of FGU's Aftermath.. that system was too hard to play, but it had some great ideas. I enjoyed the Tw2k, Space 1899 and Traveller 2300 things, but didn't do too much with them. I stumbled across TNE and was impressed enough to buy it, and then buy the Deluxe Set that included FFS. Now there's T4, and I'm *still* busy working on a home-brew system. g

My face-to-face gaming has petered out over years, but my play by email has taken off. Today, I'm involved in 9 PBEM games as player and GM, and I spend way too much time on them.


Eric A. Rhude

86A987 5 Terms Mixed CR:Adequate

Combat Rifleman - 1, Pistol - 1, Hvy Wpn (LMG) - 1, Medic - 2, Tactics - 1,
Leader - 1, Admin - 1, Computer - 2, Accounting/Finance - 1, Sensor Ops - 1,
Vechicle(ground car) - 1, History - 1, Wilderness survival - 1, Sword - 1,
Polearem - 1, Great sword - 1, Martial Arts - 1, Dagger - 1

Started playing board games in 1975/6 and have not stopped. Started in Traveller in 1981. I have a extensive RPG library of stuff over the years. I live in Eastern Long Island and work as a finance programmer for a ISP.

Luckily my wife enjoys RPGs also but it seems that I always have to run. I am trying to build up a core group in my area due to our recent move.

Jens Rydholm (aka Spacejens)

Home page: http://m227.ryd.student.liu.se

I was born in 1978 in a small town in Sweden. After my basic nine years of education, I proceeded to study for three more years on a technical program (with a specialisation of computers). Then, I applied for the University of Linkoeping, and I have currently started on the long road to a Master of Science title (Computer science).

Besides roleplaying and computers, I spend some of my spare time as a Scout (the international Scout movement, not the IISS :-)

Bob Sanders

Currently I am 34 years old. I started playing Traveller about 1980. Other games include most military board games, computer sims, and a few other role playing games.

Joined the US Navy after I failed first year of collage. Spent four years working on F-14 Tomcats as an Aviation Fire Control Technician. Graduated up to Troubleshooter and ended up being responsible for 12 Cats. Saw action in Beirut twice, Grenada, and Oman. Did become involved with several strange "special duties" that took me to some weird places.

After that tour joined the UCMC. I had worked with them several times and was always impressed. Started out as a truck driver until they figured out what to do with me. Found out that I knew a little about computers and ended up with the Fire Direction and Control section with Arty. (Both the old 105's and 155's) They sent me to collage at the University of Virginia and right before I was to graduate, was sent to the Gulf War. Fought in 4 of the 5 major actions during the four day war, and as a result now look like a Vargr Admiral when in uniform.

Returned to the states and finished collage with a degree in English history. Got out of the Marines and started to work in advertising as an Account Executive on several accounts. (Most famous ad involved with: Bud Frogs) Switched agencies several times and decided that most of the

people in advertising were business illiterate. Started a small consulting firm called AMG to tell advertising agencies how to run their business. Currently my partner and I have 14 people on staff and clients in Europe, the far east, and all over the states.

Peter Scarrott

IMTU: tc+ tm tn++ t4- ru+ !3i+ c+ jt- au- ls ta- hi++ ith++ va+ as- so zh+ vi-
And life is harsh and rarely fair.

Born in 1963, Traveller since 1978, played CT till 1985, then played AD&D till 1997 when I went back to GM'ing Traveller TNE, currently (late 1999) running a TNE campaign. Have played Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Millennium's End and a few other RPG's.

Main interests are sociology, politics, the military and history. Varied working career - photographer, Royal Naval Reserve, Motorcycle Courier, computer sales, customer care and now working as an administrator.

Fanatical rugby union follower having played, refereed and coached for 9 years until injury stopped my involvement. Only real outdoor recreation now is sailing (dinghies and yachts) which I unfortunately cannot afford to do often.

Living in Leicester (UK) with my very significant other Julia. My website ( http://www.myhelliconia.freeserve.co.uk ) is dedicated to Traveller TNE and my AD&D campaign world. All visitors and comments are welcome.

Sean Bayan Schoonmaker

After mostly finishing a degree in Physics at the University of California at Berkeley, I got sidetracked into the gaming industry, where I was first warehouse, then office, and finally sales manager for Berkeley Game Distributors (the largest on the west coast). At long last, I've returned to Cal, where I'm finishing my degree and looking to get a teaching credential to teach mathematics and hard sciences, along with coaching wrestling, at the high school level.

I've been in the Marine Corps Reserve for over 11 years now, 8 of those as a member of Force Reconnaissance (First in RIP, then as a team member, then team leader, and now as platoon sergeant and platoon commander). This was part of my sidetrack from school as well, and there have been years where I spent more time on active than reserve status. I'm a staticline and freefall jumpmaster and a divemaster, and have more than a few other schools under my belt.

I lift weights, am an award winning miniatures painter, and also scratchbuild models.

Mike Sellers

I've been RPGing since 1979, and playing Traveller (CT always) since about 1982 or so. I've been on the Internet since 1983, back when the number of Netizens was about 500,000 and we thought it was huge. :-) My only brush with military experience was being an extra in _Apocalypse Now_ when I was in high school, which was altogether surreal enough for me!

I'm almost 36, have six kids, and a happy marriage. I'm also an entrepreneur and am in the process of forming my third company (the first funded the second which was bought and now I'm onto the next). I co-founded and designed "Meridian 59", the first graphical MUD, which has been selling well since last October. For any of you who know it, I hope you enjoy it and — I'm sorry. :-) It wasn't implemented precisely as designed, and while it's successful and many people have played it for (literally) thousands of hours, it feels just a bit too much like an Ed Wood movie for me personally. I consider it sort of "generation 0" or like the Wright brothers airplane; it got off the ground for a few seconds, but it's not the F15 I wanted it to be. :-) I have a degree in cognitive science (psych, comp sci, neurology, and AI mixed with bits of anthropology, sociology, art, chem, and such) and am working as a game designer. I've been a programmer and UI consultant for most of my career.

I've been designing and playing games since I was about 12, and after years working as a programmer and consultant finally managed to turn it into a "career" if you can call it that.

I'm currently working on several game designs, all more or less in the science fiction genre, ranging from somewhat to very role-playing oriented. Yes, Traveller is a great inspiration. :-)

Allen Shock

I am 37 years old, and have been gaming since 1979. I played Traveller about a week before the first time I played AD&D. I played Traveller off and on until 1983 when I got distracted by the Star Trek Roleplaying Game. Bought MegaTraveller in 1987 but never really did anything with it. I bought TNE in 1993 and ran a number of adventures for it, up until T4 came out, I ran T4 for awhile, but have now switched to GURPS Traveller, since GURPS is one of my favorite systems. I'm married (going on 12 years now), and have the great good fortune to have a gamer wife. I'm a long-time participant in the #Traveller chat channel on Undernet IRC, founding member of the Mt. Pleasant Gaming Association here where I live, and a GM going on 17 years now.

Trent Smith

Trent Smith College Student 1 Term
568BA7 Age 22 Cr few
History (Ancient/Medieval)-2, Writing-2, Admin-1, Computer-1, Ground Vehicle-1, Language (French)-1, (Classical Greek)-1, Research-1, Trivia (Movies)-3, (Literature)-3, (Music)-2, (Games)-2

I'm currently 22 years old, and am a English major at Pomona College (a tiny but well-respected Liberal Arts school located about 6 blocks from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California), but as of May 18th I will be a graduate in search of work, which I hope to find in the LA area, possibly in some way connected to the film industry.

I was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, a small city that has a disproportionately large gaming population (among others, Jean Rabe (editor of JTAS) is from Evansville, Kevin Knight (editor of Traveller Chronicle) is from Henderson, KY— right across the Ohio River, Guy McLimore(sp?) and Greg Pohelin (authors of the FASA Star Trek and Dr Who RPGs) are locals, and I could probably go on further). I began gaming (with Basic D&D, of course) when I was in 3rd grade with a friend who's brother played, and over the next couple of years I gradually acquired the same gaming circle that, with a few changes around the edges, has remained intact ever since.

I first got interested in Traveller when MT was released, on the recommendation of some of the older members of the gaming club I was a member of at the time, and although it took me literally years to get the hang of the rules, I loved the background and sci-fi feel, and it wasn't long before I was hounding cons and used book-stores trying to buy up as much CT stuff as possible (note: 10 years later, still looking for JTAS 1, 3-5, Mayday, Adv 8, Alien Module 5, Alien Realms, Atlas..., and a lot of licensee stuff— otherwise I've got it all!) I didn't like the rules or the background of TNE, but I had loyalty to the trademark and Dave, Frank, and Loren always seemed so enthusiastic about it at GenCon, that I bought most of the books anyway, though I almost never played.

For the past few years, especially now that we only get together on shared breaks from school (none of my gaming-group friends go to school with me) we've been pretty much exclusively playing "RuneQuest" (which I'm sure makes me an oddity— my two favorite games had passed their peak of popularity before I had ever even heard of RPGs), but we have had a couple of pretty successful one-off attempts at T4 and I have hopes to do a little more of the same this summer. After that, I'm not sure what will happen, but I have hopes that I can find some folks willing to play Traveller when I finally get myself settled.

Walt Smith

I was born and raised in upstate New York, USA, and had the enviable role of introducing RPG's to my high school in the late 70's and early 1980's. Founded OneontaCon at my state university by advertising it and telling my gaming buddies, "A hundred gamers are showing up on our doorstep in three months. Who wants to run what?" (O-Con, as it is now called, is in it's 10th anniversary this year.)

Interestingly enough, my entire core gaming group from college is working in fields unrelated to what they graduated with. Out of a Biologist, a Psychologist, an Archaeologist and two Historians, all of us are working in the computer field.

I'm an avid wargamer, especially sci-fi & fantasy games. RPG's I enjoy have ranged from D&D to White Wolf's Nouveau Gothisms, CT is my favorite flavor of Traveller.

John R. Snead

35, MA and then ABD (all but dissertation) in Anthropology (urban anthro with a focus on East and Southeast Asia. Before that MA in Technology and Human affairs (focus on technology and internation development) BA in math, and history with minors in physics and classics (I was in college until I was 31).

Since then, temp work, fixing mechanical clocks and most recently (and most successfully) writing RPG supplements (Ars Magica, and Nephilim, with hopefully some Traveller books soon).

Other than that, I've gamed since 1980 and played Traveller on and off since 1983, and I'm a Wiccan high priest (3rd degree).

Josh W. Spencer

UPP: 659AA6 (Hey, I can make it up, right?)
DOB: 07 Nov 1960
POB: Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, Cuba

MILITARY SERVICE: 17 Days, USN. Basic Training for only 2 weeks. I found out that during my special eye exam for Nuke candidates (Yes, I willingly signed away my life and constitutional rights for six years!), I had an eye condition called Keratoconus, and that precluded my Naval Career.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Business Administration, Davenport College of Business, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, June 1996.

GAMING EXPERIENCE: I was heavily involved in SF gaming during the 1980s; I am the original creator of the Interstellar Concordium in the Star Fleet Battles gaming system. I also worked with FASA during the mid- and late-80s with the Star Trek system. Since then, I've probably refereed one Star Trek and one Gamma World campaign. That's it.

I wouldn't mind refereeing a new Traveller campaign. I've got some ideas for one around the Milieu 1115 era. One of my personal opinions about the overall technology surrounding FTL and its effect on society is that it's been around for too long, no thanks to the Vilani, and I think it's time to shake up the overall Traveller Universe.

Alan "Lovetroll" Spik

Va Beach, Va

b. 1959, H.S. and USN technical schools. Extensive reading on anything I find of interest. Began travelling in 1979/80, after a D&D phase ( It should be against the law to play D&D near an unsuspecting person who's asleep. I still have nightmares)

Had not played in many years till I found another player.

John Strain

50. Traveller since 1979. Player and GM on web, 2001. Born in Texas, live in Mississippi, USA. Retired. Researcher, love life, walking, the Stars, and working with Science and The Question of Life. Currently running a PBeM Traveller Classic Campaign, open to all classes characters.

Dave Strebe

I'm 51 born in Vancouver B.C. and reside in Surrey B.C. I've played Traveller on and off for 25 years along with D&D as well as dabbling in Miniature Wargaming (all eras).

Borrowed from Charles Prevatte "Captains should be wary of greedy engineers, opportunistic pursers, and load masters with smuggler contacts!"

R. Michael Stephens

46 year old systems analyst, engaged in distributed systems and services development at Vanderbilt University. Computer systems programmer since 1977, administrator, and analyst since 1982. Born in Nashville, TN raised in southern Indiana and then back in Tennessee.

Attended the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute Indiana as a Physics Major 1971-1973 until I encountered quantum mechanics. Enlisted in the USMC in 1974 served until 1978 as a Programmer operator of UNIVAC systems. Returned to college and received my BSCS from Tennessee Technological University in 1982.

Avid war gamer since 1971, role Player since 1976, Traveller Enthusiast since 1978. Currently collect much more than I get to play. Busily into being family with my wife of 18 years, and 17 and 11 year olds.

Current Non-Gaming interests are the societal impacts of technology, history (esp. military), martial arts, computing.

Preferred backgrounds in no particular order
Traveller (CT,MT,GT)
2300 AD
Empire rising (home brew 2300/Falkenberg/Trav Gurps hybrid roll-my-own)

Glenn St-Germain

I started playing RPGs in the fall of 1979, playing AD&D. After a couple of years of nothing but fantasy games (AD&D, Runequest, Tunnels & Trolls), a friend introduced me to Traveller. I've been a Traveller fan ever since, following the game through its MT and TNE incarnations (but having somehow missed T4 entirely...).

These days, the only RPG genres that I play in tend to be either superhero games (Champions) or science fiction (various, including GURPS Space, Star Trek, BattleTech, and Star Wars). I've also been a GURPS fan since the late 1980s, so when GURPS Traveller came out, it became a must-buy. And when I brought the GT rules with me to my Champions game, the others asked me when I could start a GT game. So I did, in the spring of 1999 ( http://plaza.powersurfr.com/glenn/traveller/index.html).

In real life, I have a professional background in library science that has somehow led me to the position of managing an online bookstore. (Sorry, no game books -- just computer books.) Other interests include movies, astronomy,hockey, science fiction, web design, and cats.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At age 37, I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Richard Talbot

A true lurker on the TML I occasionally de-cloak to share a thought or two on one of the finest RPG's written. Started Roleplaying when I was 11 I am still playing despite calls that I'm too old for that sort of thing. I have played and GM'ed almost every game available - my faves have to be 2300AD, Skyrealms of Jorune, Fading Suns and of course Traveller. I prefer roleplaying to technical gearheads and always find huge mistakes in my technological knowledge (usually pointed out by my players) . However RPG's are about fun and that's that.

I was trained at an early age to avoid work but after college ended up working for the DSS Benefits Agency as a underpaid, overworked, do everything Admin Officer/Customer Services/PC Support person. Still seeking to get a decent IT job I am currently 27 and getting older.

A avid member of BITS running convention stands in Scotland I have recently joined the Inner Cadre and hope to do even more for them. A true Scotsman to heart I enjoy too much beer, wine women and song and can usually be found listening to the likes of Motorhead, Tangerine Dream and Wolfstone.

Jim Vassilakos

32-year-old business manager in San Bernardino, California. MBA from UC Riverside. I'm into roleplaying, computers, and working out... not necessarily in that order. Programmed "Galactic", a mapping utility for Traveller for use on the IBM, which is freely available at my homepage.

Andrew Vallance

Full name = Andrew Juncker-Moffatt-Vallance
(please excuse me for not using my full name too often)
Str = A bit low
Dex = Fairly good
End = Better than Str, but still not too good
Int = Depends on who you are talking to at the time
Edu = Probably somewhere about C, highly dependent on the subject being discussed
Soc = Well, some, but my delusions of grandeur get in the way
Age = 35 chronologically, mentally, well somewhere from 3 upwards

I'm a graphic artist/designer/publications coordinator. In my misspent youth I got about two thirds to a degree in sociology before illness interfered. Then I discovered the wonderful world of drawing pretty pictures on computers and that I could actually make more money at it than I ever could from sociology; and for once good sense prevailed.

I started playing Traveller way back in '78 (leans back on walking frame to mutter something about how these young 'uns don't know what it was like back then in the pioneering days of RPG's, dang nab it), shortly too be followed by a love affair with RuneQuest. I continued playing Traveller and RQ (with a slightly perverse attraction to CoC) up until the real world rudely interfered in things (marriage and two young children really eat into precious playing time) just about the time when TNE was released.

Apart from RPG's, I'm also into Wargames (horse and musket era and ACW land and age of sail naval), history, sociology (well I'm told that is curable), astronomy, being a husband/father, various noble trendy lefty causes (politically correct for the younger members of the audience), and generally all round enjoying myself without taking the world too seriously (insanity is a perfectly healthy response to a sick society).

Joseph E. Walsh

I grew up in northern CA, and earned a B.S. in Business Administration from CSU Hayward. After graduating in 1992, I moved to north-east Illinois, where I am now employed as LAN Administrator for a holding company. In my free time I have participated in the design and development of eight products for Marc Miller's Traveller. I also ran some of the official T4 games at GenCon in 1997, helped put together the Traveller product specifications, and acted as Imperium Games' liaison with the Traveller Mailing List. At the present time (03/98), I'm taking a break from RPG work, but plan to put my energies into a new product line shortly.

Garry Ward

I have a BS in History, minor in Computer Science (wonder how that combination could get rolled in the character gen process); spent the last 22 years in Data Processing (pays better than history), mostly with IBM based systems, micro, mini & mainframe. Currently Senior Systems Programmer on a VSE/ESA system for a marketing research firm. With the last few iterations of IBM's mainframe operating systems adding multiple Virtual, Data and Hiper (yes, that is the correct spelling) spaces; I feel right at home with Traveller's jump space.

The interest in history that initially selected by first college major is still with me, Ancient & Medieval mostly, which explains my fascination with C & S as will as A D & D. I also enjoy Asimov, Heilein & Clarke, the 30s, 40s and 50s type of SF, which explains my inclination to Traveller.

John Watts

John Watts
5788A4 Human Male Age:26
1 term College, 1 term Electrical Equipment Salesman

Acting-1, Admin-1, Broker-1, Carousing-3, Computer-2, Electronics-2, Electrician-1, Electrical Engineering-0, Fast Talk-2, Gambling-2, Ground Craft-2, Pistol-0, History-3, Instruction-2, Language-1, Law-0, Research-2, Tactics-1, Trader-1, Archaeology-0, Geology-0, Meteorology-0

1 TL8 Computer, 1 TL8 Ground Car, 1 BA in History, other sundry possessions

Vaughan Wilson

Vaughan Wilson
Age: 32
2 Terms ( and Still Serving) Army (Infantry/Medic)
Combat Rifleman-2, Medic-2, Recon-1, Demo-1, Computer-1, Tactics-1, Leadership-1, Sleep-3, Vehicle(wheeled)-1, Paratrooper-1, Survival-1, History-3 (BA)

Traveller Fan since 1982. Part of the LBB Preservation Society, member of the SAR team for T5. Very busy these days and am always delighted in the progress the fans make with their imagination.

Jon F. Zeigler

Jon F. Zeigler 796A97 Technician (3 terms)

Admin-1, Computer-2, History-1, Physics-1, Research-1, Writing-2.

I'm 33 years old, graduated 1988 from University of Akron with BS in theoretical mathematics (minor in computer science). Currently working as a C/UNIX programmer and telecommunications researcher. Married, one child.

I'm a science fiction fan from way back -- favorite authors Poul Anderson, Michael Flynn, Larry Niven, and Kim Stanley Robinson. I've been a wargamer since 1977, RPG and Traveller player since 1980. Favorite RPG systems are Classic Traveller and GURPS. I'm an occasional playtester and freelance writer for Steve Jackson Games (I wrote GURPS Greece). Currently I'm working on a project for the GURPS Traveller line, and rather tickled to be involved in producing a game that I've enjoyed for so many years.

Jeff Zeitlin

Jeff Zeitlin (485BB7) 5 Terms Professional (Sr. Analyst)
Cr Comfortable
Computer-4 (aptitude 3) JOT-4 WheeledVeh-2

I'm a civil servant. I do user LAN support for the NYC PD, with a background of ten years of experience in programming, systems analysis, and customer support in the computer field. I'm one credit short of my BS in computer science. I read a lot of almost anything, and while I may not be an expert in any particular subject, I've been known to converse intelligently on subjects ranging from Abyssinian Judaism to Zymurgy. Traveller player since '82, ref since about '88. Member of the Perpetually Shrinking Minority of Free Thinkers, with fairly strong libertarian (note small "L") tendencies.