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Classic Traveller Resurgence

GDW sign, photo by Michael Wallis 9-5-99. (As of 9-7-99 the sign is the property of Medieval Starship!) Real Traveller fans make no excuses for loving the "little black books" (LBBs) of the original game. Most of us have over twenty years of Traveller gaming behind us and are not looking for the next new thing to excite or inspire us. We still have the original spark!

I am a Classic Traveller kind of guy. You know the type; old, crusty, always talking about the way we used to do it back in the grand old days, yada yada. I have a gazzillion credits sunk into the materials, and, weighed down with all of this stuff, it would be impossible for a burly marine in powered battledress to make me budge from my entrenched position on the version question.

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So come travel The Spinward Main through the Marches. Stroll through the starports with the Merchant Princes, the glory seekers and the hard luck adventurers. Dream of the stars, or take them, as is your wont. Explore the frontier or stake a claim in the rich asteroid belts. Listen to tall tales and vile gossip in the Downport taverns.

Classic Traveller is the very heart and soul of the whole game. More copies of more titles in the original series were sold than in all versions since, combined. For a list of publications see my CT bibliography. To see a more ambitious project, take a look at my Illustrated Bibliography project. And its glory is not all in the past, since originals still sell briskly on eBay and small online shops like The Traveller Trader. Not to mention that the GDW products are being republished in a Collector Edition.

The heyday of Traveller saw many licensed products and many magazine articles, as well. Many expansions of the rules were offered, including a task system in 1985. The Universal Task Profile (PDF) was first introduced in the Travellers' Digest and later added to the GDW publications. It was later expanded and integrated into MegaTraveller.

In my travels I have come across a few bits of published errata for books in the CT era. There were a few problems in the Striker set that needed fixing. Nothing earth-shattering, but helpful. DGP did have some problems, though, so here is errata for Book 8: Robots and for 101 Robots.

Thanks for visiting. Follow the links in the text and on the menu bar at the top at your leisure and enjoy yourself. I know that I have enjoyed collecting and presenting it.

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