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Classic Traveller Resurgence

Errata for DGP 101 Robots

Special thanks to "Hyphen"

NOTE: I have noted the source of each errata item. If it is in [brackets] it is IMHO; all others are official.

p 2 Retractable Appendages [mine]
Note that _101 Robots_ states that retractable appendages only take up volume equals weight/2 (p2). I think this is wrong as it makes them magical devices that can hold 4 times their weight in volume (since most devices have a volume = weight x 2). This should be volume = weight (included in the _Book 8_ errata, above).

p3 New Programs [mine]
Forensic Space 4
(I can't figure why it would be larger than some of the other programs)

p3 New Sensors [mine, but all based on MT Ref's manual]
TL   Type                     Weight    Price
5     Environ Sensor Pkg
13    Neural Activity Sensor  5.0      20000

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