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Classic Traveller Resurgence

Errata for Book 8: Robots

Special thanks to "Hyphen"

NOTE: I have noted the source of each errata item. If it is in [brackets] is is IMHO; all others are official.

p 26 "Wheels require at least 1.5% of chassis volume."

p 26 "Tracks require at least 2.0% of chassis volume."

p27 [mine] Multiply all chassis prices by 0.4, e.g. URP A should only cost Cr1400.
(I think this is from comparing Bk8 with Striker or MT)

p27 [mine] Chassis Configuration Table
URP 1 Box Price Mod 0.6
URP 1 Needle/Wedge Price Mod x1.2
URP 2 Cylinder Price Mod Nil (Cone still 1.1)
(based on MT config table)

p27 Locomotion: Suspensions (Grav, Air Cushion)
URP C only available at TL 7
URP D only available at TL 9
URP E only available at TL 10
URP F only available at TL 12
Note that the values shown are for one unit of each suspension type (i.e. these are the minimum values).

p27 Locomotion: Suspensions (Legs, Tracks, Wheels)
Each Leg    40kW
Track           30kW
Wheels      20kW
Each unit is per kW of power plant output.

p28 Appendage Table
TL   Type
8    Arm, very light
7    Arm, light
6    Arm, medium
5    Arm, heavy
12   Tentacle, very light
12   Tentacle, light
11   Tentacle, medium
10   Tentacle, heavy
Note that touch sensors are already built into all arms and tentacles.
(_101 Robots_, p2)
Volume = weight.

p29 Fundamental Logic Programs [mine, based on the text and MT TL tables]
Low Artificial Intel TL 16
High Artificial Intel TL 17+
Note that CPU = Parallel + Synap; e.g. URP 5, 30 CPU = 2 Parallel + 28 Synaptic.

p29 Sensors Table [mine, but all based on MT Ref's manual]
TL   Type           Volume     Power    Price
6    +telescopic
7    +LI
6    +passive IR
6    +active IR
     Audio Sensor   1.0
     +extra sensit  1.0
     Olfactory      2.0
     +extra sensit  2.0
     Voder          3.0
6    Magnetic       2.0
6    Radiation      2.0
10   Mass Sensor   20.0       2.0       10000
11   Mass Sensor   10.0       1.0       10000
10   Neutrino       8.0                  1000
Apart from the listed figures, volume = weight x 2.
Note that Touch Sensors are already built into all arms and tentacles; the values in the original table are only for the remainder of the body. This explains why these figures are multiplied by the chassis size. (_101 Robots_, p2)

p30 Devices Table [mine, but all based on MT Ref's manual]
TL   Type           Volume
      Spotlight      2.0
13    Holorecorder  15.0
14    Holorecorder   6.0
15    Holorecorder   3.0
Apart from the listed figures, volume = weight.

p31 Weapons [mine, but all based on MT Ref's manual]
TL   Type           Power    Weight   Price
9    Laser Pistol   4.5      5.0       2500
13    Laser Pistol   9.0     10.0       5000
8     Laser Carbine
9     Laser Rifle
For this table, volume = weight.

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