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On the Spinward Main
Spinward Main BooMerS Amber Zone Casual Encounter Patrons

The conventions of Imperial astrography establish interstellar directions with respect to the shape and rotation of the galaxy. Toward the central core is coreward; toward the rim is rimward. In the direction of galactic rotation is spinward; against the rotation is trailing. When a name was given to the Imperial frontier sector to spinward, the natural one was the Spinward Marches. The spinward edge of the Imperium is 130 parsecs from the Emperor's throne on Capital. Beyond that border lie many worlds; some are client states of the Imperium, while others are independent and non-aligned governments.

Through an accident of interstellar distribution, there exists a chain of worlds, each within one parsec of the next, which links fifteen of the sixteen subsectors of the Spinward Marches. Well known to merchants in the Marches as the Spinward Main, its accessibility to jump-1 traders makes it the major trade route for the smaller companies and Free Traders.

This site is dedicated to the sophonts of the Marches, to their struggle and to their conquests. Whether they be merchant or warrior, adventurer or noble, Vargr or Darrian or Imperial citizen. It is through the force of will and diplomacy, and by the sweat and blood of these many, that a wild frontier has become a thriving society.

By direction of his highness, the Duke of Regina, this database is to be made available and updated with all due diligence by the agent of the Spinward Postal Union at all Class A and B starports in the sector, and at all Imperial Scout and Naval stations under the Duke's authority. Additionally, grants have been established through the Bureau of Merchant Subsidy to extend this service to Class C starports on the Spinward Main.

Index to Services:

The Bureau of Merchant Subsidy - is a chartered mutual benefit organization, established by the Duke of Regina to promote free trade and transport in the Marches.

TAS Travel Advisory Service - publishes information about Amber travel and trade zones.

Josef Johns' Who's Who - offers biographical information on notable citizens of the Marches.

Patron Matching Service - provides a listing of available situations.

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