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Classic Traveller Resurgence

Striker Errata

I have a copy of Striker Book 1 (3rd printing), Book 2, and Book 3 (both 4th printings). You can tell which version you have (of any Trav book) by looking at the back of the title page. Halfway down the page is a string of numbers. The first printing starts at number 1; subsequent reprints begin at a later number, which is the print version, eg.:

      3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10   11  12

means you have printing 3.

This errata was included in the _Striker_ boxed set as an individual sheet of paper.


The following errata have been found in the second printing of _Striker_.

The _Design Sequence Tables_:

On the notes to the CPR gun table, the tech level modifiers for HE penetration are wrong. Count down one row for each _two_ tech levels above 6, as stated in Book 3.

The tac missile propellant table has been changed, as shown at right [now below]. Increase the weight multiplier by .1 for every km of range over 4.

     Range     Weight Multiplier
     1         x1
     1.5       x1.5
     2         x2
     2.5       x2.25
     3         x2.5
     3.5       x2.75
     4         x3

_Book 2_:

     In Rule 75, Naval Vessels, the _Striker_ armour rating corresponding
to a _High Guard_ armour rating of zero should be 40, not 60.

_Book 3_:

     Grav generators are available starting at tech level 8.

     In Design Sequence 2, CPR Guns, it should be stated that the effects
of illum and chaff rounds last for two turns.

     In Design Sequence 9, Tac Missiles, it should be stated that all tac
missiles have a signature DM of +2.

     The characteristics of grav modules as given in Design Sequence 10,
Drone Missiles and Vehicles, are wrong. Each kilogram of grav module costs
Cr50, has a volume of .0005 cubic metres, and produces 25 kilograms of

     In Design Sequence 11, Aircraft, the agility formula should be
altered. Instead of the term MS/100, substitute the direct fire hit DM
(from the combat tables) corresponding to the aircraft's maximum speed.

     Note that aircraft agility in _Striker_ is not the same as agility in
_High Guard_. To find a spacecraft's _Striker_ agility, determine its
maximum speed by checking its _High Guard_ agility against the grav speed
table; then use the aircraft agility formula.

[Errata supplied in the _Striker_ boxed set, copyright GDW, Bloomington,
IL, USA, 1982?.]

Thanks to Hyphen for publishing these on the TML.

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