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GURPS® Traveller

Steve Jackson Games has become a licensee publisher of the Traveller game. GURPS Traveller has an alternate timeline that branches off significantly from what was published in GDW`s MegaTraveller game system. In this new timeline, Archduke Dulinor`s assassination attempt was unsuccessful and he died enroute. The GURPS Traveller material starts the game at this point. The change in viewpoint is definintely refreshing and maintains the glory of the Imperium as a continuing fact, rather than a memory.

Darryl Adams has graciously allowed us to post his GT Hull Tables for GTL-8, GTL-10 and GTL-12.

"This is a new Hull Table for the GURPS TRAVELLER Modular Starship system. Expanded to include a larger variety of hull sizes (more sizes in the small craft/ship to the huge 1,000,000 dton ships), these hulls are created by the Procedure found in GT." - Darryl

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