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Strephon is Dead!

MegaTraveller was the first rewrite / update of the original rules. After ten years, Traveller was getting a bit long in the tooth and the DGP task system was ready to be written into the main rules. Not satisfied just to update the rules, GDW and DGP changed the date, too! They jumped ahead from 1116 to 1120 and assassinated the emperor on the way, just to spice things up. This caused a civil war to break out in the Imperium and there is your Push, Pull and Gimmick all rolled into one! For along time we had no idea how it would turn out. Many articles were written in speculating (PDF) about how it would all end.

The Ancients have been the subject of several good adventures. CT has had a good bit of fun with them, so now it is MegaTraveller's turn. In this adventure, written by Mike Mikesh for DGP, but never published, the Zhodani are on the way to explore the Coreward regions. Come in now and enter the Deep Shadows (PDF).

A complete listing of all products ever made for MT are included in the Illustrated Bibliography. There is a huge amount of MT material in the old Challenge Magazine. Here is a list of Traveller articles (PDF) in that publication.

Back in 1990, Dale Kemper started up a great little rag named Far & Away. Sadly, he couldn't make a go of it. One of the articles that would have been in the second issue is about Anagathics (PDF). I have two others that I will post soon, as well.

Here are several equipment items, done up in the DGP format:

Advanced Sensor Pack
Basic Sensor Pack
Grav Wrench
Laser Scalpel
Light Sabre
Message Box
Monofilliment Blades
Power Holster

Errata for the first three books (PDF) (AKA the Boxed Set)

Downloadable Files and Programs

Download MT Character Generator (v1.09) (ZIP), by Greg Svenson

A nifty little program called MegaTraveller GM Aid (ZIP), copyright by Dennis G. Landsem, 1992. Here is his outline about the program:

   Features of v2.00:

Try out this MT Ship Building (ZIP) program by Roger Scrogham

The Referee's Generation System (ZIP), Version 1.3, by Tim Jones (AmSoft Development)

Considering the general slide in popularity of RPGing at the time, MegaTraveller did very well. There were only a couple of companies outside of GDW and DGP who published materials, but the quality of the work was quite high. This version of Traveller still has a big following today.

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