Copyright  c  1991 by Gregory P. Lee


   TL Type                       Vol(Kl)  Wt(Kg)   Price(Cr)
O 21  Automated                    1.50    1.50       85000


   TL  ChgDur  OpNoise  PowUse  Comments
O 21  24 h       LoHum      5   1 L power; .5 L "wand"


Each square represents 1 hour of use:

O              [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]


This   is an artifact of the Ancients.   Only one has  been found, and
that only recently;  its function is  not clear to  the scientists who
are now  studying it in  Deneb sector.   However, they are comfortably
certain that the device is some sort of microminiature tractor/pressor
device.   Early  theories  suggest that  it  is  either a  weapon or a
hand-carried  gripper based on  the swivel-head containing  a modified
design of  gravitic inducer.   Scientists have not yet tried  to power
the device.

It is,  of course, neither.  It is a simple "99-in-1" tool kit, as any
experienced spacehand could guess if  the  G-wrench  were  charged and
used.   Using advanced grav-field  generators,  the G-wrench scans any
movable  interlocking  device   (screws,   nuts,   bolts,   and  other
connectors),  determines the type  of  force to  be applied (twisting,
hammering,  vibrating,  etc.) and applies the force.  It is especially
useful  in  low-grav  situations,  as  it  functions  without  torque.
Because  it forms and  operates its grav/pressor field  especially for
the connector being tightened  or  loosened,  it  never  strips bolts,
screw heads,  threads,  or other connectors.  The G-wrench can also be
used to solder, weld, and cut.

The G-wrench has two groups of two buttons,  and a fifth button alone.
The first group selects the type  of  operation (mechanical  motion or
direct application of gravitic force);  the second selects the type of
operation (making a connection  or severing a connection).   The fifth
button operates  a simple,  low-power  laser  target  designator.  The
operator  first  "shows"  the  G-wrench  what  it  is  working  on  by
activating the target designator and touching the head to  the target,
then selects the operation.  The G-wrench does the rest.

The G-wrench can be charged from any standard electrical power source,
as it has a "universal" power link hidden in the battery pack.

G-wrenches may  occasionally  be  found  in  space,  especially around
worlds  known  to  have  house  Ancient  sites,  or  at  Ancient sites


To use a G-wrench under normal conditions:
Simple, Mechanical, Dexterity (5 seconds, safe).

To use a G-wrench under difficult conditions:
Routine, Mechanical, Dexterity (5 seconds, safe).
Referee:   "Difficult"  conditions  include  zero  gravity,  inclement
     weather, vacuum, and similar conditions.

To repair a broken G-Wrench:
[Varies], Electronic, Gravitics, [Varies].
Referee:   Difficulty depends on  the damage  level of  the item.  The
time for shop repairs:
     Superficial:  2 min
     Minor:  8 min
     Major:  2 hours
     Destroyed:  4 hours
For field repair,  apply  the standard  difficulty  increases.  If the
character is of a lower TL (as most will be) increase the difficulty.

                 Copyright  c  1991 by Gregory P. Lee