Copyright  c  1991 by Gregory P. Lee


   TL Type                        Vol(l)  Wt(Kg)   Price(Cr)
O  15 Basic Unit                     .5     1.0       75000
O  17 Advanced Unit                  .5     1.0       75000
O  21 Best Unit                      .5     1.0       75000


   TL  ChgDur  OpNoise  PowUse  Comments
O  15 32 min    Lo Hum    1 kw  Signature is hi
O  17 60 min    Lo Hum    1 kw  Signature is hi
O  21 120 min   Lo Hum    1 kw  Signature is hi


Each square represents 4 minutes of use.

O 15: [][][][][][][][]
O 17: [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
O 21: [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

Each time the device is turned on, 1 minute of power (minimum) is


Based  on  gravitic/repulsor technology,  the  Light Sabre  projects a
foreshortened line of gravitic/repulsor force.   This thin line is, of
course,  a powerful  cutter,  and  is  quite deadly as a  result.  The
"beam"  will  cut through many  materials,  and  is  a  powerful armor
piercing weapon.   The bright  light  associated  with  the  weapon is
merely a side-effect of the gravitic force.

The major drawbacks  of the weapon are its price,  which  is uniformly
high, and its relatively short power duration.


To determine if a light-sabre attack can be made:
Routine, Dexterity, 1 combat round (absolute, confrontation).
Referee:   The unit rolling this task adds its Dexterity DM; the other
subtracts its Dexterity DM.  If the task fails, the defending unit has
blocked the  attack.   Ignore failure or mishap rolls.   Note that the
only  truly  effective  "blocking"  device  is  another  light  sabre;
however,  a successful "block"  with another weapon uses up the attack
(the other weapon takes the damage).

To hit with a light-sabre attack:
Simple, Light Sabre, Strength, -Defender's Light Sabre skill, 1 combat
round (absolute).
Referee:   The defender may use his Light Sabre skill as a negative DM
to avoid a hit.

To repair a broken Light Sabre:
[Varies], Elect or Gravitics, Dexterity, [Varies].
Referee:   Difficulty depends on the damage level.   The time for shop
Superficial:  2 min
Minor:  8 min
Major:  2 hours
Destroyed:  4 hours
For field repair, apply the standard difficulty increases.