Copyright  c  1991 by Gregory P. Lee

Monofiliment  blades  ("monofils")  first appear  at TL 13.  They
are  extermely expensive due to  the technology  required to make
the edge a mono-filiment of steel:  a  weapon costs 15  times the
cost of the standard version.   They are also  somewhat dangerous
to the user; on a fumble or mishap, the user is likely to cut off
one or more of his own fingers, or to damage him/herself in other
ways (NEVER hide the special sheath in  your  pants  or  in  your
bra!).   Because  of  the  higher  penetration  afforded  to such
weapons, the law ratings are  much  higher;  monofils are illegal
beginning with law level 4.   When they must be purchased  from a
smuggler or the black market,  of course,  their price goes still

The vibroblade is  a  monofilwhich  has  an electrical  pulsation
sent  through  the  blade,  causing  the  blade  to  vibrate   at
extremely high rates, and thus increasing  penetration and damage.
Reliable versions have only been made of the shorter blades.

Because of the potential for slippage and harm, most people using
monofils  also  purchase special  protective gloves.   The gloves
offer  an armor  factor equal to the monofil,   but restrict hand
dexterity to half normal.  The gloves cost Cr 5000.