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   TL Type                       Vol(Kl)  Wt(Kg)   Price(Cr)
O 13  Power Holster                   2       2       10000
O 15  Power Holster                 1.5     1.5       10000
O 17  Power Holster                 1.5     1.5       20000


   TL  ChgDur  OpNoise  PowUse  Comments
O 13  10 days   Silent   .5 Kw  Requires skill
O 15  20 days   Silent   .5 Kw  Requires skill
O 17  20 days   Silent   .5 Kw  No skill required.


Each square represents 1 day of use:

O 13  [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
O 15  [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
O 17  [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]


Designed to  allow the  quickest  "draws"  of  small  arms,  the power
holster is specially built for the individual user  and the particular
weapon to be used.   Thus, the power holster represents a considerable
investment,  and the purchase of one should be  a carefully considered
choice.   The  holster must  be  ordered and "fit,"  and  is delivered
approximately ten days after the fitting.

The  power holster is  worn on the forearm,  and cannot  be covered by
tight sleeves.  It reacts to either muscle or tendon movements, or (in
the TL 17  model) nerve impulses.  Special training is required at the
lower tech  levels  to  use the power holster,  and such  traing  is a
cascade of the Gun Combat skill.

When the  user  activates  the  "draw"  mechanism,  the  power holster
instantly extends the gun  on  a  special  microtentacle,  placing the
weapon firmly  in  the user's  hand.   Thisd  happens  in  an instant,
effectivel increasing the dexterity of the "draw."


To draw a weapon stored in a power holster:
Simple, Power Holster, Dexterity, Instant (Safe).
Referee:   A fumble indicates that the character missed  the grab, the
"draw"  time is normal,  and the +1 initiative DM is lost.  Successful
use of a power holster increases  all individual initiative rolls by a
DM of +1.

To alter a power holster to work with a different weapon:
To alter a power holster to function with a different individual:
Impossible, Mechanical, Intelligence, 1 hour (Uncertain).
Referee:  The only way to accurately determine whether either task has
succeeded  is to use the power holster.   "Some  truth"  or "no truth"
indicates that the power holster apparently  works.   However, at some
time in the future,  the power holster may freeze and fail  to deliver
the weapon.

To repair a broken power holster:
[Varies], Mechanical, Dexterity, [Varies].
Referee:   Difficulty depends on  the damage  level of  the item.  The
time for shop repairs:
     Superficial:  2 min
     Minor:  8 min
     Major:  2 hours
     Destroyed:  4 hours
For field repair, apply the standard difficulty increases.

(c) Gregory Lee