Marc Miller's Traveller Errata

Still Under Construction

Official Errata

Here is the table which shows how many EXTRA rolls are given per rank on the mustering out table for Army, Marine, Merchant, and Navy ranks:

Rank# of EXTRA rolls

On page 24, first paragraph, it describes as such: "A character who has rank 5 or 6 receives three extra (mustering out rolls), and in addition may apply a DM of +1 to the die rolls on the Benefits Table." This would mean that any character with a rank 5 or more may choose to apply the +1 DM on the Benefits Table.

Here is the missing table from the starships construction chapter refered to on page 92 step 3: Jump Drive:

Jump Drive Potential

Official Clarifications

Page 13, Required Materials

"Scattered throughout several chapters are various prepared forms."
Well, not exactly. Starship sheets were going into the main rulebook, but got pulled and will now be in the Starship book-along with subsector map, world map, and so on.

Page 20, Medical School
Should read "adds +4 to his Education..."

Page 24: Mustering Out
Only commissioned ranks (i.e. 01, 02, 03, etc.) receive one extra roll per every two ranks. Enlisted ranks get nothing!

For Starships, "2 types of ships available..." should be " 4 types," counting the yacht (for noble and entertainer) and lab ship (for scholar).

The "Forensics Kit " benefit for Agents includes fingerprint kit, simple ballistics and chemicals analyzers, etc., items that would allow Agent characters to perform basic forensic tasks.

"Scientific Scholars" benefit for Scholar varies: an appropriate type of scanner, and the basic kit needed to conduct basic experiments.

For Retirement Pay, ignore the line "or another service." You still receive retirement pay if you change career, providing you served the necessary terms for the benefit. Scouts is the only career without retirement pay.

Page 25, Captain Jamison
Oops. We mixed up merchant ranks with navy ranks.

Page 28, Flight School
Admission should read "if Dex 9+," not "Dex 9­p;."

Page 29, Army Table
Roll #6 for Career should read "Artillery."

Page 37, Skills
Drop mention of "skills listed in italics on the skill list." That idea was scratched at last minute. Right now they are labelled "Default " in the skill descriptions.

There is no maximum skill level, nor is there a maximum number of skills a character can have.

Page 38, Default Skills List
Should include "Administration."

Page 56, Weapon Range Modifier
Effective range for body pistol should be 1 (Contact), and for assault rifle it should be 3 (Medium). Change the modifiers accordingly.

Page 57, Resolving Wounds
Cutlass was changed to Broadsword (with reduced damage), and mesh armor is not mentioned in Equipment chapter. Other than that, the example is correct in demonstrating the basic of weapon vs. armor. If you want to use both the cutlass and mesh armor, just lift the numbers from the example.

Page 74, Combat Gear
Pistol, Magnum Revolver should be TL 10 because it's an advanced model, but damage rating should be 3.

Page 80, Weapon Table
Shots for Body Pistol should be 5.

Page 84, Air Raft
Cost should be Cr60,000.

Page 106 and 107, Sensor Systems/Com Systems and Hull Configurations/Jump Drive

Page 120, Sandcasters table

Proposed Errata
p20, Medical School
Should read "adds +4 to his Education..." Page 24: Mustering Out
The first paragraph on page 24 should read:

Page 25, Captain Jamison