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Technology of the Far Future

Sorry to say it, but I don't have a single gear in my head. Thankfully, I have met some great people on-line who are major gearheads. This section is devoted to them. Content here will include ship designs, equipment specifications, and speculation regarding the functionality of futuristic devices.

We are pleased to be able to let you surf through some of Paul Schirf's excellent Deck Plans. Paul prides himself on the correctness of his plans with respect to fitting the stats into the hull. As a result you can rest assured that there is no "lost" space or sloppy specs with his plans!

We have a few other friends who created ships for the Starship Showcase holovid channel. Here you will find Deck plans and stats for The Enkidu-class Subsidized Liner, the Ninsun-class trader, and a virtual walk-thru of a Solomani Merchant.

Darryl Adams has graciously allowed us to post his GT Hull Tables for GTL-8, GTL-10 and GTL-12.

"This is a new Hull Table for the GURPS TRAVELLER Modular Starship system. Expanded to include a larger variety of hull sizes (more sizes in the small craft/ship to the huge 1,000,000 dton ships) ,these hulls are created by the Procedure found in GT." - Darryl

And here are a couple of places to get your Technology fix while you are waiting for us to sign on a gearhead editor.

Gearhead Webring Deckplan Webring

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