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Gilgamesh Shipyards

Gilgamesh Shipyards produces high-quality starships for any
class of trader!  From the heart of the Imperium to the Spinward
fringe states, Gilgamesh Shipyard starships are plying the space lanes,
bearers of good will and economic benefit for all!  Here are
our most popular models:

The Enkidu-class Subsidized Liner

This 600 dton liner is the mainstay of many trade routes.  It comes
in several packages, ranging from the basic cargo freighter, to an
armed merchant ship, to a highly specialized exploratory craft.  Here
are the recently-acquired deckplans of one of our more eclectic

The whole ship (reduced size deckplans)
Foredecks 1 & 2
Foredecks 3 and 1a (a half deck between foredecks 1 & 2)
Middeck 1
Middeck 2
Middeck 3
Aft levels 1 and 2
Aft level 3

The basic stats for this ship, the Isarc, are:

Jump-3 engines
1G maneuver drive
180t fuel
125t hangar (shown with a 35-dton millenia-old jumpboat, manufactured by the enigmatic Olbet)
2 lasers @ 3-2-2-0
2 pd lasers @ 2-0-0-0
2 missile launchers
about 80t cargo space
8 crew staterooms, plus a bunk in the engine room
20 mid-passage staterooms

As you can see, the age of this particular ship is evident in
its narrow corridors, blocked passages, and generally
serpentine accessways.  This complex run of hallways can
make life quite interesting when a live cargo shipment gets

A Closer Look at the Redship

Here's a spec our liasons were able to acquire from some
contacts, regarding the jumpboat alluded to in the Isarc's
deckplans.  As you can see, this boat is intriguing indeed;
how they manage to keep it from various government,
corporate, and private interests must be a tale in and of


The Ninsun-class Trader

This 200 dton trader is another fine example of Gilgamesh Shipyards'
design flexibility.  Chances are you have seen this immensely popular
merchant's starship in every port. What the casual observer won't realize
is that with only a few minor design switches, this trader can be built as
a free trader, a far trader, or a secure trader.

View the Ninsun-class trader Marleener's deckplans

Our selected Ninsun-class trader is a secure trader design named the
Marleener, which is owned by a wealthy Rhylanor merchant (it was his
first ship).  Standard for the Ninsun-class ships are 8 mid-passage
staterooms, 4 low berths, Jump-1, 1G maneuver, plus a medic's office/
stateroom and a captain/owner aboard's stateroom.  The Marleener is
equipped with a Jump-2 drive, a 2G maneuver drive, and 2 triple turrets
(heterogenous).  As a result, it only has 52t cargo space (with a Jump-1
drive and 1G maneuver, the Marleener would have around 80t for freight).

But Wait, There's More!

Take the Walking Tour of an upgraded Solomani Merchant ship, the Lone Gunman.

                                 Gilgamesh Shipyards
                                    Flexible Starships.
                                     Affordable Cost.


The liner was designed using QSDS; the trader was designed
using CT's basic starship construction system.

The liner's external view is made up of components designed by a
gentleman on the web who permits their non-commercial use.  The
trader's external view is copyrighted by Lucasfilm, I'm sure.

The stateroom components are from Naval Architect's Manual.

The engine components are from graphics designed by Mark F. Cook
(, which appear in Letter of Marque.

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