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This document provides a selection of resources for the Internet enabled Traveller role player.

  1. Other Mailing Lists
  2. Traveller WWW Sites
  3. Traveller on IRC
  4. Traveller FTP Sites
  5. Other Roleplaying Sites

Other Mailing Lists

A few other Internet mailing lists exist which discuss Traveller topics.

The following mailing lists deal with other former GDW systems.

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WWW Sites

There are a large number of WWW sites that deal with Traveller. The easiest way to find them is via the Traveller WebRing. There is an index at bin/webring?ring=traveller;list, with the Home Page at Last check, 96 sites.

For the more technically-minded, there's the GearHead WebRing. There is an index at;list , with the Home Page at

There is also a webring for Traveller desckplans. Index at;list, home page at

There are also some sites that don't appear on the Traveller WebRing that are worth checking out:

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Traveller on IRC

#Traveller is the place to be if you want to take part in real-time chats about any or all of the subjects covered by the TML, or anything else to do with Traveller. As of March 1999 the channel has its own web site at #Traveller is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel available via the Undernet. If these terms don't mean anything to you then have a look at one of the following beginners guides to IRC:

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FTP Sites

The following sites have Traveller material in FTP archives accessible by anonymous ftp.

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Other Roleplaying Sites

Lastly, here are the sites which deal with other former GDW products:

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