Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 16:50:03 -0500

From: "Harold D. Hale"

Greetings all,

Here's the latest and greatest Regency Sourcebook errata updated as of 4:45 pm Eastern Standard Time in the US (yes, this is Official GDW stuff):

Page 35

Government code `X` (Droyne Hierarchy) was inadvertently left off the list.

Page 45

The subsector data listing for Wisconsin (Mithril) shows the Stellar Data as `F4D`. This should instead read `F4V`.

Page 49

Mille Falcs has a starport of `A` in 1202. The subsector data is correct, but the map (which shows a starport of `B`) is not.

Page 51

Trin in 1202 has a naval base per the subsector data and the subsector description. The map erroneously lists it as having a scout base instead.

Page 64

References made to the 193rd Fleet should instead refer to the 303rd.

Lucifer has a starport of `B` in 1202. Another case where the map is wrong but the subsector data is right.

Page 86

On the Damage Tables, areas 8-9, under Internal Explosion, the text should read `1 - 6 : TS, 7 - 20 : Hold` not `17-20 Hold`.

Page 90

Under the description of the Cuspid-type Gunboat, the range listed in hexes for the 300,000 km radio is `2`. This should be `10` instead.

Page 92

The last area was inadvertently left off the Damage Tables. That line of text should have a line for Area 20, with nothing for surface hits and `Eng` for the Internal Explosion portion of the table.


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