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Let's Role

What does Marc Miller, the creator of the game, say is the "Foundational Description" of Traveller?

What is Traveller? In 1977 a little war game company published a small black box containing three 5x8" booklets and a pair of dice. From that humble beginning has grown the largest, most diverse and enthralling science-fiction game ever developed. In 1981, about the time of the second edition of the original rules, Game Designer's Workshop also published a pamphlet titled Understanding Traveller. It was given away for free at Cons and by some gaming supply stores. If you are new to the game (or nostalgic about it), now would be a good time to look it over.

To some people, Traveller is the rules set, the way jump works, the way characters are created and '2d6'. For others Traveller is the background of the Imperium, the major races, the published adventures. If the back-story is important to you, you might want to read up on the future history of the official setting.

What is role play, how is it done? Before you join a Traveller game, you need to get the true concept of role playing. One of my favorite articles on the subject is Playing in Character, by Henry E. Neufeld.

Where do I find Traveller on the web? You can start with the The Traveller Web Portal and get a lot of info, or you could visit The Mother of All Traveller Link sites, the Open Directory Project Traveller Category. There you will find almost 200 Traveller sites listed. The Open Directory Project is kept up-to-date by real humans and is used by Netscape, Google and other search engines. Do you have a Traveller web site? Make sure it is listed here.

Where can I post my own link and get feedback on my web site? How do I give feedback on Traveller web sites? Pay a visit to the TAS-Net discussion board's Your Traveller Website forum.

What other discussion boards are there? Several bulletin board style sites exist where you can post and reply, so that you feel like a part of the community. Try these:

Yahoo Traveller Downport Club - 200+ members and open discussion

TAS Web Boards - a community open forum with Travellers' Aid Society topics, Wanted : Adventurer style in-persona posts and open TAS supplement development.

Far Future Web Boards - bigger board, run by the folks who are publishing T20.

What is this TML I keep hearing about? The Traveller Mailing List is a major hub of activity. Even Marc Miller and Loren Wiseman have been known to frequent the list. You can subscribe to the TML by simply filling out a form. You'll be in great company, and you will be entitled to join the Citizens of the TML gallery. To learn more about the TML, to join or to read the FAQ or archives, swing over to TML Website.

Jesse DeGraf image

Are there any Traveller games ongoing in my area or online? Rob Eaglestone took the initiative and polled the Traveller Mailing list in September of 1999 to see what, when and where folks were playing the game. His results are very interesting! Games going on, more or less regularly, all over the world. Newly updated for 2002. There is also a discussion forum for Open Games and Available Players at on the TAS-Net site.

For Web Rings, we have several choices:

There, that should get you going. Lets role!

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